Tabletop Review: Kingdoms of Legend: Ninja Attack! (Pathfinder)

Kingdoms of Legend: Ninja Attack! (Pathfinder)
Publisher: Interaction Point Games
Author: Brent Evanger
Page Count: 14
Release Date: 2/7/2012
Cost: $3.00 (PDF)
Get it here: (PDF)

“You are being attacked by ninjas, what do you do?”
“I attack the nearest ninja”
“You cannot attack that ninja. He’s a ninja!”
“I cast Dominate Person on one of them”
“The ninja re-ninjafies your spell and dominates you”
“I haven’t even rolled yet!”

In this review, you are being attacked by Kingdoms of Legend: Ninja Attack! a Pathfinder-friendly adventure about a team of ninjas (who are the characters that the players will play with) and the scallywag merchant they have been sent to eliminate (by another scallywag merchant!). This adventure takes place in the Kingdoms of Legend setting, “a medieval fantasy campaign setting … based on an alternate history Earth from the year 1415 CE…”. The players choose from a set of pre-generated ninjas to play and kick with.

Stop the review, you are being attacked! What do you do?

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Ninjas do not read! Unless they have to! Then they just look at the symbols and instantly understand whatever is being said regardless of language! The attack has subsided for now.

Your team of ninjas is tasked with finding a way into the merchant’s compound, doing away with him, and drinking all of his iced tea. They drink it up! The merchant’s name is Kulal Pasha, and his compound is in Palmyra, located in what is now Syria. The players will learn this before the adventure even starts, as it is part of their briefing for the mission. If they are successful, a purse of 7,000 gp is theirs (however they do get half of that as a “signing bonus” so they can buy some gear and supplies).

Will you be prepared? You will have one page of map, one page of setting information, six character sheets, and roughly ten pages covering the adventure itself. My reading of this text leads me to the conclusion that it starts out as an infiltration that becomes a dungeon-crawly boss battle.

Enough describing, you will tell us the secrets of the adventure! How do the players find Kulal Pasha?

Alas, I cannot reveal the secrets, for there are many. The players will face deadly, dastardly dangers. It might seem easy to just slip over the wall and take care of business, but no no no no my friends… it is not nearly as easy as that.

Should the ninjas succeed in their task, they will have the option to continue on as assassins or thieves or whatever someone will hire them to do. Ninjas do not work for free!

Mortal Combat

The ninjas will need to fight. The only part of the adventure after initial infiltration that doesn’t involve fighting involves traps. Prepare to fight!

I have been pleased with the way this adventure was written: in blood! No not really, it’s simply typeset electronically. The author has taken care to let the GM know how things are likely to work out should the adventure go one way or the other. He provides box text and descriptions for different outcomes of the party’s efforts. Do not expect art, expecting much art in this module would be to fail, and to fail would be death. However, in the pen lies strength, and for the product as a whole I say well done.



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