E3 2012 Impressions: Enemy Front (Microsoft Xbox 360/Sony PlayStation 3/PC)

The thing that I found interesting when being introduced to City Interactive’s Enemy Front for the first time were the words said before the demo started. “I know you guys have seen World War II shooters, but this is how we are going to approach it.” Here was a developer that knew that the theme of their game had been done to death, and was not only unapologetic about that fact, but was confident that you would want to play it anyway. That took guts, and made me all the more interested in what they had to show.

To be fair, World War II games have been much less of a trend lately with most modern Call of Duty and Battlefield games instead focusing on modern day terrorist plots. All the same, Enemy Front intends to focus on battles that are less talked about, but just as important to the outcome of the war. This too I thought was an interesting approach as most games up to this point have always focused on the same handful of battles.

The mission that was shown off in the demo takes place in France, and you are a soldier behind enemy lines. As such, since it didn’t appear that you had a squad under your command, you have to be more careful in regards to who you engage. Often times, stealth is the best answer as you can progress through the game without killing every soldier you pass by. When the enemy was engaged though, the weaponry looked authentic and the play experience looked just fun and frantic as a good FPS should be. The game is built with Cry Engine 3, so not only does it look sharp, there are destructible environments as well, not unlike some of the previously mentioned Battlefield games.

The game will include multiple difficulty levels, though there doesn’t appear to be a multiplayer component. While it may be unusual to not have an online multiplayer component in a first-person shooter, it just means that more care will be taken with the single player campaign; something I spend most of my time with when playing games of the genre anyway. Again, this takes a lot of guts.

Look for Enemy Front sometime in 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.



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