E3 2012 Impressions: Dark (Microsoft Xbox 360/PC)

Ever wish that Sam Fisher was a vampire? Well, the folks at RealmForge and Kalypso Media do, and they’re aiming to make that happen… sorta. Their upcoming game, Dark, focuses on a vampire that dispatches his foes in quite the same stealthy manner. The primary difference being, of course, that the focus is more on supernatural methods of defeating enemies rather than the realism imposed by the Tom Clancy name.

The story is told in a similar manner as games like The Darkness II where despite being a cel-shaded art style, the colors are very dark and look more noir style. The main character has had the misfortune of being inflicted with being a vampire and is looking for a way to change himself back. What this means for you as the player is that you’ll have to undertake missions from some shady looking people and inevitably kill a lot of hired men. Doug Cockle, who provides the voice of Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 2, will also be voicing the main character.

While it doesn’t appear from the demonstration that you have to kill every person you run across, you do have ability points and a health meter that are dependent on blood. And where do you get that blood? You guessed it. Unlike other stealth titles, you have the ability to teleport around, making it easier to get from one hiding place to the next. As soon as the enemy has their back turned, you can knock them out, drag their body to safely concealed place, and consume their blood in preparation for the next attack.

Dark will be sneaking its way to Xbox 360 and PC in early 2013.



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