Fifteen Pokémon Conquest Passwords!

Looking for New Pokémon to add to your Pokémon Conquest game? Well worry not, as Diehard GameFAN has a whopping fifteen different passwords for you. Remember that you can’t enter password until you’ve progressed far enough in the game to where you can link with wild Pokémon and that you can only use a single password per each in-game month. Still, this should have you rolling in Pokémon for well over a year in the land of Rasen. Now remember to give these Pokémon to the Warlords who can use them best.

Axew: Rc338MpqLx
Beldum: BqWxXEK3xg
Darmanitan: pK5RgzqLG8
Dratini: Sr5Z5GqAgR
Eevee: 2rz3XFCKmR
Emolga: Jnm3kqgN8X
Gible: LTb3n3RYJ8
Gyarados: mq2xRVNgRL
Oshawott: frCLRpXG88
Larvitar: Lpu3ggCYk8
Pikachu: FZP8GqRZRR
Riolu: Shw8mxRAJR
Scyther: 8GV3LMGrnM
Sneasel: CMqkZRRSRX

Check back over the coming weeks as we continue to add more passwords for you to use in Pokémon Conquest. Still haven’t picked up the game? read our review!



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3 responses to “Fifteen Pokémon Conquest Passwords!”

  1. […] Yesterday we brought you a whopping fifteen passwords for Pokémon Conquest. Today we have three more bringing you up to a grand total of eighteen. That’s enough for a new Pokémon for the first year and a half of in-game time! Just remember you’ll need to have advanced in the game far enough to use the password feature first. […]

  2. Yoyobountyhunter Avatar

    i put in the riolu code and out popped a bunch of beldum. i think you mightve mixed em up.

    1. Alexander Lucard Avatar

      Nope. Triple checked just now to be sure and all the passwords correspond to the correct Pokemon. Maybe you entered the wrong one by acccident?

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