Mercenary Ops Enters Closed Beta – Find Out How to Enter Here!

With the summer comes a slowdown in new releases as developers and publishers alike prepare for gaming conferences and the hectic holiday season, but that doesn’t mean everyone is taking a break. Developer Yingpei Games is working on their free to play third person shooter Mercenary Ops, which is expected to be released fully this summer, and is presently entering the Closed Beta stage of development. The game itself is a third person shooter with a distinct Gears of War vibe, which is positive given the lack of that franchise on the PC after the first game, and the fact that it makes use of the Unreal Engine also helps those comparisons somewhat. But Mercenary Ops steps away from those comparisons in a few ways, including offering eight player co-op missions online, and a free-to-play structure that will allow for the now standard micro-transaction system one would expect, allowing players to pay for weapon customization and such rather than paying for the full product out of the box.

If you’re been looking for a third person shooter on the PC that fills that void, you can potentially find out if Mercenary Ops is the game for you by jumping into the closed beta and giving it a go. But how do you get in? Well, all you have to do is head on over to the Mercenary Ops Facebook Page, “Like” the page, and you’ll be considered for a chance to jump into the closed beta. The first group of testers will be able to jump in starting on June 20th, a little less than a month away, and according to the press materials, will be able to jump into six different cooperative and competitive game modes to test out what the game has to offer. Those who are selected to participate will also be able to provide their feedback on how the game is coming along as part of the process, something the developer is interested in. Says producer Jason Sharp, “Balancing is always a major concern when it comes to online shooters, especially when they are free-to-play. Because of this, we have committed heavily to testing the game internally and have even invited some of the world’s best professional gamers for their invaluable feedback. With the launch of our closed beta we will have the chance to garner even more feedback, this time from general shooter fans.”

Good luck to anyone who attempts to join the closed beta, and we’ll keep you updated on the game as the situation permits.



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