Raptr to Give Away FREE Copies of Minecraft on XBLA Starting May 10th!

For those who haven’t seen the site in one place or another, Raptr is a game tracking site that allows gamers to connect with other gamers in a few different ways. You can make friends on the site, as with most standard socially connected gaming sites, but you can also plug in your gamer ID’s and track your performance in various games relative to the performance of your friends. The site will track your time spent playing games and Achievements or Trophies earned (on its own with the Xbox 360, with the client running with the PS3 and Steam, and manually with all other consoles) and compare your efforts to those of your friends and the community, letting you know how dedicated you are to your favorite games. The site also allows you to track your favorite games and publications to see when articles associated to them are posted to the site, vote on the quality of those articles, and even post articles you find interesting yourself.

In other words, it’s pretty fun stuff.

Recently, Raptr has been pairing up with various companies to offer up Raptr Rewards, a service that rewards gamers who are a member of the service for various things. They’ve had some fantastic rewards available already that have, sadly, come and gone, including the “N7 Nights” promotion, where playing Mass Effect 3 during the allotted time period won people t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, models and more from the series. They’ve given away free beta codes for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to players who have played Ghost Recon or an Assassin’s Creed title. They’re also presently offering discount coupons on Logitech gear and free rewards for Pandora Saga players currently, and who knows what else they’re going to offer in the future?

Well, we do, actually.

Diehard GameFAN was offered the opportunity to have a topic page on Raptr a while back (which we graciously accepted, and you can be a fan right here if you’re inclined), meaning that we post updates to the site on Raptr, people get to follow us, and… there are, like, free hugs and stuff. It’s pretty sweet. Another thing we also get, however, is tips on hot new stuff coming from Raptr to share with you wonderful people, and since we’re all members, and enjoying our time there, we wanted to share the newest development coming from Raptr to you: Minecraft for XBLA, FREE.

Here’s how it works: starting May 10th, Raptr is going to be offering up 2,500 copies of Minecraft, debuting TODAY on XBLA, to Raptr members. This is a 1600 point game, folks! That’s twenty bucks you could be using on, I don’t know, Avatar clothes or games (or something silly like food, but whatever)! All you have to do is register to be a member on Raptr.com, then check the rewards page linked above on 5/10 for details and see if you’ve won. That’s simple stuff, folks! Plus there are going to be further rewards for things like a free month of Xbox Live and two Live Arcade titles, rewards for Spirit Tales, and presumably more great stuff. Hell, I won a t-shirt and I didn’t even know I was playing! How awesome is that? Just saying, you might want to register, because it’s a pretty great site, and free stuff is always awesome. But they’re probably going to burn through the Minecraft giveaway fast, so, try to be registered by 5/10, if you can manage it, and maybe we’ll see you on.

Oh, and if you happen to register, it couldn’t hurt to follow your friends at Diehard GameFAN. Just saying.


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