Tabletop Review: Toys for the Sandbox: The Hamlet Under the Waterfall

Toys for the Sandbox: The Hamlet Under the Waterfall
Publisher: Occult Moon Games
Authors: Quinn Conklin
Page Count: 7
Release Date: 03/9/2012
Cost: $0.99
Get it here:

#10 in this series is called The Hamlet Under the Waterfall and is about a village called Waterkeep, let’s take a look at it.


The booklet consists of a title page, a page of general setting information, a page with a map of the hamlet and some outlying tunnels, two pages of plot hooks, one-and-a-quarter pages of characters, and the last page has a table for rumors table on it and another table for random encounters.

The basic story goes like this: there is a rare and potent algae that grows in some dark caves, far into the mountain. People use this algae as a reagent in various spells or alchemical processes. The cave entrance is hidden by a waterfall, and a village has sprung up around the algae gathering and trading operations, as well as a secure storage service. The area has attracted an elven ex-ruler, a newly elected mayor, a head merchant in charge of algae trading, and possibly some other rather unsavory personalities.

Possible plot twists include a fey messenger route, a strange side-effect from harvesting algae, intrigue between the merchant and the mayor, and some interest in certain powerful items that the elven noble has brought with her.

What Do I Think?

This is another little module that can be thrown into any adventure. Characters take off to the mountains or some other location that might have a grand waterfall? They can discover the hamlet of Waterkeep and the GM can use any of the plot twists to easily make a session. I don’t think the plot points in this particular one lend themselves to anything more than a session’s worth, but Waterkeep could easily be an adventuring base for a party. The idea that the little village has become a trading hub is interesting, and I feel like that is something that could definitely be explored further. Overall, another location that a GM can use at their whim; it’s going to need some fleshing out, but the central idea is good.







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