Tabletop Review: Toys for the Sandbox: The Wizard’s Tower

Toys for the Sandbox: The Wizard’s Tower
Publisher: Occult Moon Games
Authors: Quinn Conklin
Page Count: 7
Release Date: 03/07/2012
Cost: FREE
Get it here:

The Wizard’s Tower is number…zero? Yes folks, it’s #0 in the Toys for the Sandbox series. A prequel, if you will, to #1… I suppose.


The booklet consists of a title page, a page of general setting information, a page with a map depicting the various floors of the tower, two pages of plot hooks, one page of characters, and a page with a Rumors table on it and another table for items that might be found in the basement.

The basic story goes like this: a reclusive wizard lives in a tower near a town, and his activities tend to attract attention… at least, when he is actually home. The wizard’s presence provides for tall tales, possible employment, fascination, and not an insignificant amount of attention from people wondering just what valuable things they might find inside that tower.

The wizard himself is an accomplished adventurer, and he is one of the characters described in the booklet. You will also find a local farmer and ex-adventurer, a demon who may or may not come calling on the wizard, and a strangely talented stone mason.

What Do I Think?

This is my favorite of the series so far. It’s got theme, it’s got plot hooks from all kinds of different angles, it’s got cool stuff to find in the basement, interesting characters, a decent map of the tower, good setting information, and above all it doesn’t make itself too definite; by that I mean it’s able to be dropped into any setting that will accommodate it. It does have a plot hook that links it to The Secret Library of Ethos, but a GM can substitute any library or archive he or she wants. I would have liked to see a top-down map of the tower and gardens, and also one of the general proximity to the town, but again those are things a GM can sketch up in a few minutes. In my opinion, this is a great freebie to pick up.







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