Walkthrough: Tales of Graces f (Sony Playstation 3)

Welcome to Diehard GameFAN’s Tales of Graces f walkthrough! I’m not going to lie, this is my first walkthrough ever. I decided to take a few notes while I play and whip something up quick for those that needed a little direction in what they needed to do. It probably is not all that necessary for most people, since the game is fairly linear and is pretty generous in telling you where to go. The purpose then is to not only track your progress, but to have a good idea of what to expect. So my hope is that you’ll at least find it useful in that respect.

A few things of note: this is not a guide for completionists. I did this because there didn’t appear to be any other guides in existence for this game, so it’s here as a spoiler-free way to find where to go. Therefore, I’m not going to detail every item in each area or even step by step how to get through each one, though I may offer a few hints here and there as the situation calls for it. Now with that out of the way, let’s get to the meat and potatoes of the thing, shall we?

Lhant Hill – Just follow the only patch to the top of the hill for some scenes. Exit afterwords.

N. Lhant Road – Follow the road east back to town, it’s not too far away.

Lhant – Make your way towards the manor on the east side of town for some scenes. When they are finished, you can enter the manor and find a monster book in one of the rooms (I know I said I wouldn’t help with item collection, but consider that a freebie). Your next destination is W. Lhant Road, but you won’t be able to leave until you speak to the man standing on the bridge. Do so, and exit town to the west.

W. Lhant Road – Follow the road west. You should see another scene near the cabin. When that is finished, return to Lhant.

Lhant – Head back to the manor for more scenes. Next, you’ll be heading to E. Lhant Road on the east side of town.

E. Lhant Road – Progress far enough and you’ll be forced into a battle followed by some more scenes. Make your way back to town.

Lhant – Go to the manor again, but instead of going inside, you can slip behind the pillar on the right hand side. This leads to more scenes and eventually a forced battle. Be sure to save beforehand if you’re weary of defeat. You’ll soon find yourself having to traverse N. Lhant Road again. Do so and head back to Lhant Hill.

Lhant Hill – Make your way back to the top of the hill like you did at the beginning of the game and prepare for a boss fight of sorts at the top. After it’s over, you’ll find yourself on a beach. Make your way to the right up the mountain to get back up top and watch the scenes. Now take N Lhant Road back to town.

Lhant – More cutscenes are waiting for you when you get there. Next, you’re going to go back to E. Lhant Road.

E. Lhant Road – Follow this linear path all the way to the end until you arrive at Port to Barona. You’ll be taking a ship to Barona from here.

Barona – First order of business, make your way to the castle and speak to one of the guards standing outside. He’ll instruct you to head to the central square, which is the area with the big crystal in it. Head there for more scenes. Next, you’ll be going to N. Barona Road, so head north out of town.

N. Barona Road – Yet another easy to follow trail. Follow the road to the end where more cutscenes will trigger, then make your way back to Barona when you’re done.

Barona – Head to the inn for more scenes. When it’s night time, head to the Royal Sanctuary for some scenes. There’s a door on the north end that you will squeeze through to get inside. From there, go north to the end of the hallway and check the side of the wall where the water is not running down. This is a secret doorway and will lead you into Barona Catacombs.

Barona Catacombs – You’ll notice a number of doors that you can’t do anything with right now because you’re not strong enough. Ignore these and pick up treasure if you wish as you make your way through the cave. It’s pretty tough to get lost, but if you’re concerned about missing any items, just make sure you’ve explored everything before reaching the save point. Beyond the save point is another battle and some major scene-age.

Ohlen Forest – Hm, we’re a long way from home now. Follow the path until you get to the village at the end. After the brief scene, head to the left side of the village, then the right, and then back left again to fight somewhat of a tricky battle. When this is done, watch the scenes and head back out the way you came.

N Barona Road – Remember this place? Well, after awhile you will. Make your way back to town.

Barona – Head to the bar for some cutscenes, and then to the Knight Academy for some more. From there, head to the port to take a boat back to Lhant.

E. Lhant Road – As you make your way to town, you’ll encounter another forced battle on the way. When you make short work of it, enter Lhant.

Lhant – You’ll see a cutscene as you enter. Take the north exit out of town.

N. Lhant Road – Follow the path, except this time we aren’t going to Lhant Hill. At least, not yet. Keep going until you fight a forced battle. Afterwords, RUN TO LHANT HILL!!!

Lhant Hill – Follow your way up the hill per usual until you get the top. You’re clear to save here if you wish, as there is a boss battle ahead. When this is done, backtrack all the way back to Lhant.

Lhant – You’ll encounter more cutscenes upon your arrival. From there, head to the manor, up the stairs, to Asbel’s room, and back down the stairs to the study, viewing all the scenes along the way. Back to N Lhant Road with you.

N Lhant Road – Head past Lhant Hill and continue down the road where you fought the battle before. To the right there will be a cave. Enter it.

Seaside Cavern – This area is pretty linear for the most part, though you will notice that there are several places in which to jump into the water and wind up in a different region. These side paths just lead to treasures and discoveries and they are pretty short side routes, so you shouldn’t get lost. On your way through you will encounter a boss, marked conveniently by a save point. Exit past him when you’re done.

N Lhant Road – Watch the scenes and then backtrack all the way to Lhant. You don’t have to go back through the caves if you don’t want to though, you can just head south and follow the path.

Lhant – You’ll fight a battle upon entry, followed by cutscenes. From there, enter the study to fight another battle that you can’t wait. Seriously, just try it. He’ll own all over you. Anyway, you’ll find yourself on E. Lhant Road now.

E Lhant Road – Follow the lonely road all the way back to port. Watch the cutscene along the way.

Port to Barona – Another scene. Board the boat after.

Barona – There will be another scene upon entry. Just make your way back to the Royal Sanctuary again. This time you get to enter through the front door. Once inside, take the secret door in the back of the hallway to enter the catacombs again. You remember where that is, right?

Barona Catacombs – Progress a little ways to encounter a forced battle and some cutscenes. After, enter the door that you weren’t able to move earlier in the game and make your way to the end.

S Barona Highroad – Just follow the road south. You’ll encounter some more forced battles and cutscenes. Eventually, a newcomer will show you an alternate path forward, leading you to a teleporter that will take you into some ruins.

Wallbridge Ruins – This place seems more confusing than it actually is. There are floating platforms everywhere that you ride from place to place, some of them that collide with other platforms to create paths that you cross later on. There are some diversions for items, but for the most part, there’s really only one way to go. When you reach the save point the boss is close. After the battle, watch the scenes and teleport out.

Gralesyde Highroad – Follow the linear path until you encounter a scene, then follow some more until you get to town.

Gralesyde – Head to the manor at the north end of town for more scenes, then head back the way you came.

Gralesyde Highroad – Make your way back to the ruins.

Wallbridge Ruins – As you enter, head to the right until you see a platform above you that you can ride to. Do so and follow this patch until you come to another teleporter.

Wallbridge – Are you ready for a little frustration? Not I, but we do what we must. The way this place is laid out, you have four towers and outside of those, four perimeter towers. They are all marked as NW, NE, SW, and SE. So, to find the first switch, you’ll want to find the main NW tower (one of the inner ones) and make your way to the bottom floor. From there, you have to access the central tower, which as you might imagine, is at the center of it all. However, it can only be accessed from the right side (east side) of the fortress, so keep that in mind. Upon entry, watch the scene and grab the key. Next, we want to go to the main tower in the SE for another switch. Finally, head to one of the perimeter towers in the SW. Make sure you save before coming here and flipping the switch, as there is a boss battle after. When you make short work of him, head to the bottom middle area where all of the soldiers are standing via one of the doors you were blocked off from using before. A scene takes place here. From there, head to the central tower for one more scene, then back to the ground floor and out the north exit.

S Barona Highlands – Continue north, watch the scenes along the way, and head to the Barona Catacombs.

Barona Catacombs – You should know this area by now. Make your way to the area you got stopped at the beginning of the game and progress past there. You should be able to access a secret passage into the castle now. The secret passage has some crates that need to be moved around in order to make bridges for yourself, but these are pretty straightforward. Onto the castle!

Barona Castle – The castle is made up of straight hallways and there’s usually only a couple of places to go at any given time. If you’re concerned about treasure, you can come back through at a later time without dealing with any resistance. Anyway, make your way through the hallways until you encounter a boss (don’t worry, you get to save right before). It’s a bit of a tough one too, so prepare yourself. From there, it’s onto the throne room for another boss battle. There’s another save point here, so there’s no need to backtrack. After the ensuing cutscenes, you’ll find yourself in a room. Exit the room and head back to the throne room for more scenes. Then had back to the room where your comrades are and get ready to head to Lhant.

Lhant – Yes, I skipped a few locales. Figured I’d avoid redundancy by just saying go to Lhant as you’ve been here enough to probably know how to get here by now. Anyway, head to the study inside the manor if you’re ready for a tough boss fight.

N. Lhant Road – From where you start, head to Lhant Hill, climb all the way to the top, and watch the scenes. Then make your way back down and head to Lhant once more.

Lhant – Go to the study in the manor, then head for the center of town for more scenes. Then take the west exit out of town.

W. Lhant Road – Head down the path until you encounter a forced battle. Once the enemies are disposed of, make a quick return back to Lhant and head to the righthand room on the bottom floor of the manor. Now go back to W. Lhant Road again and take the path all the way west until you reach the port. Catch a boat to Oul Raye.

Oul Raye – Not much going on here aside from some more scenes. Exit west out of town.

Strahta Craglands – Not too many places to go other than west. Eventually, you’ll reach another town.

Sable Izulle – Make your way to the tower at the center of town and watch the scene there. Next, head west and exit there.

Strahta Desert East – Another straightforward path. Keep heading west until you reach the cabin and take a left there. Just after the save point you’ll find yourself…

Inside Rockgagong – You’ll see a small cabin in the middle of the area. Make your way there and you’ll recover a flute (which you won’t actually use for anything just yet). You’ll also learn what it is you need to do. There’s a set of parasites that you must defeat in order to gain freedom. There’s approximately five or six of them, though you’ll know you got them all when an exclamation mark appears over Asbel’s head and a submerged platform emerges near the northern save point. Take this route across to fight the boss of this area. Yay, freedom! At least you didn’t have to escape the other end!

Strahta Desert East – You’ll have to do a tiny bit of retreading here, but make your way to where you got swallowed before. Continue past that point until you reach town.

Yu Liberte – Make your way to the palace at the far north end for some scenes. As you leave, you’ll notice some suspicious looking characters pass by you. I noticed as I walked around town that my character would freeze and listen to the citizens talking about the various goings on around the city. I’m not sure if this impairs your ability to progress if you don’t watch them all, but I found three of them and they were easy to locate. Anyway, head to the west exit of the city to encounter another scene and you’ll automatically be taken to the inn. Go to the palace once more for more scenes and then take the west exit out of town.

Strahta Desert West – Pretty easy route, go west and then north when you reach the end to encounter the ruins.

Strahta Desert Ruins – Another easy “dungeon” to navigate. The only trick to it is getting past the multi-colored blocks. It will give you so many moves and all you have to do is step on just the ones necessary to cross to the other side. For example, standing on a yellow block raises the yellow blocks, blue raises the blue, and since blue and yellow make green, the green blocks will rise as well. Did I just give away the first puzzle? I think I did. The other ones are just as simple. When you reach the end, a boss battle of sorts will ensue. When the cutscenes end, leave and head back to Yu Liberte.

Yu Liberte – When you arrive back in town, head to the manor for some more scenes. After, take the north exit out of town.

Strahta Desert North – This is a pretty straightforward path to follow. At the end you’ll reach the port. Take a ship to…

Riot Peak – You’ll have to compete in a tournament to progress, so head north to the counter and tell them you want in. After a series of battles (none of which should be too difficult by this point), go and find the spy you saved by the harbor. Time to hop another boat.

Fendel Borderlands – Follow the path east until you reach a fork, then head north the rest of the way.

Velanik – There are a couple of kids that will trigger a cutscene when you get close to them. When the scene is over, stay the night at the inn. When you wake up, it’s time to head north to a cave.

Fendel Mountain Pass – Follow the mostly linear path until you reach a camp of sorts and a fork. Continue to the left and make your way up the hill to the end.

Fendel Highlands – Nothing much of note on this route. Just follow the path until you reach the port.

Zavhert – There are several soldiers in town that have little speech bubbles above their heads. You have to speak to all of them before you can progress. Keep in mind that once the cutscene kicks in after doing this, the town will become hostile to you and you can get into battles. Escape to the western exit.

Mt. Zavhert. – Your destination is the top of the mountain and to get there, you have to head up and to the right as much as you can. You’ll encounter a boss on your way, so you’ll know when you’re getting close. He’s a bit of a toughie too, so prepare yourself. After, step on the teleporter at the top.

Amarcian Enclave – First, head to the right side of town and go to Pascal’s house to trigger a cutscene. Next, head to the center of town and go north to be taken to where the Overseer dwells. Watch the scenes and head back to the mountain.

Mt. Zavhert – You may have noticed the signs on your way up that indicated the presence of a research lab. That’s where we’re headed next. Make your way down the mountain and start heading towards the left to find it.

Fendel Research Lab – You’ll encounter rooms where you have to push blocks together to restore power to the elevators in order to advance. Fortunately, they’re not that tricky. When you reach the end, you’ll battle a boss. When it’s all over, return to Zavhert.

Zavhert – Another one of those instances where you have to talk to the people with speech bubbles over their head. Do so, and head to the bottom left house to obtain the necessary security credentials to pass. Next, head to the Fendel Tower at the north end of town.

Fendel Tower – There’s an elevator in the upper right of the room that you enter to progress. From there, it’s just a matter of climbing floors until you find Kurt’s office. There are platforms that simultaneously move other platforms as you cross over them as well as steam that blocks your way. Turning the valves will remove the steam, though sometimes turning too many of them off at once that are close to each other will undo the whole thing. When you reach Kurt’s office, talk to everyone and then check the desk for a scene. When this is done, leave the tower and exit north out of Zavhert.

Glacier Road – A linear path. Follow to the end.

Fendel Glacier Ruins – You’ll find ice blocks here that you can push down the icy hills and smash into things and create platforms for yourself. It’s pretty straightforward. You’ll fight another boss at the end, and he hits hard. If you’re struggling, try using an All-Divide if you’ve got one. After, take the warp out. Head back to the Amarcian Enclave.

Amarcian Enclave – Take the center platform down again to reach the archive. After the scenes, make your way to Zavhert’s port and take a ship to World’s Eye.

World’s Eye – Nothing here but a boss battle, so make sure you’re prepared. When it’s all over, you’ll wind up back at the port. Head to Zavhert again and go to the inn for a scene. From there, go back to the port and set sail for Sable Izolle.

Sable Izolle – Go to the tower at the center of town for another archive and more scenes. Go back to the port and travel back to Fendel one more time. Then, head to the Fendel Borderlands.

Fendel Borderlands – When you reach the fork, instead of going north like we did before, we’re going to head south. You’ll encounter some scenes when you cross the border. Now head to the Seaside Cavern which should be close by.

Seaside Cavern – Go south into the cavern and make one dive. When you reach the room with the save point, inspect the wall on the right hand side to reveal a secret passage. Next, exit the cavern (I took the north route) and race to Lhant.

Lhant – There will be some scenes upon entry, and when they conclude, head to the manor. Make your way to Asbel’s room, then the study, and back to the room. Now, go all the way back to Velanik.

Velanik – Continue north the same as you did before, except when you reach the encampment, go to the right to a road that was closed off to you before.

Untrodden Snowfield – Make your way north for some scenes.

Snowshroud Ruins – First you need to head into the northern room on the bottom floor to turn on the power. Next, you will notice poles strewn about that are pointing in different directions. Interacting with these poles will rotate them and redistribute power to various doors. The end goal in all of this is to get power to the big door at the end. Eventually, you’ll face a boss battle. Warp out when you’re done and prepare for another battle outside. Now, back to the Seaside Cavern.

Seaside Cavern – Go back to the hidden cave you discovered before for some more scenes. Then leave north to fight another battle and witness a scene. You’ll find yourself in Region 13.

Region 13 – From where you land, head west while ignoring the forks you come across. You’ll eventually reach a teleporter.

Telos Astue – Head to the right and take the elevator down to B1. Then head to the room on the left for some scenes. Now exit.

Region 13 – Remember the fork we ignored earlier? Head north at that fork now to wind up at our next destination.

Humanoid Research Center – The gimmick in this dungeon is restoring power to various elevators throughout the lab. You’ll find charged up batteries that you must swap out with the dead ones you find in the elevators, but you can only carry one at a time. Luckily, you can use the newly restored elevators to return to the main floor to get a new one before going forward. At the end, you’ll encounter a boss. Then take the elevator back to B2 and watch the scene there. Now exit.

Region 13 – Remember the area where we first landed? Head to the east this time and you’ll pass through Region 66. If you keep heading in that direction, you’ll eventually find Bathus Citadel.

Bathus Citadel – This is a weird one to explain. You’ll see different colored blocks everywhere that can be moved in two different directions. Sometimes they just need to be moved in order to get them out of your way, other times because they also control light bridges that you need to cross into new areas. When you finally make your way to the top (the area with the save point and the bridges that were stuck) you’ll be near the boss. Now make your way back to Telos Astue.

Telos Astue – You’ll find the shuttle bay on B1. Make any necessary preparations and fly outta there.

Lamda’s Cavern – I don’t even want to say what I think this place looks like. Anyway, you’ll find areas that behave like elevators that can suck you up or drop you down, though they’ll only take you one way. You’ll also find tentacles that can be controlled by stimuli that are colored either blue or pink. Touching the pink ones makes the tenacles jut out, and the blue does the opposite. You need to move platforms around using these so you can cross gaps as well as get the tentacles out of your way. When you reach the end, prepare for two difficult boss encounters in a row. Then go to Lhant.

Lhant – Go to the manor and visit the study for some scenes. Next, make for Lhant Hill for some more. When you get back to town, be sure to talk to all of your party members around town for some additional scenes. When you finally decide to rest up in Asbel’s room, make any necessary preparations that you think you’ll need. Final dungeon, coming right up. Make way for Ghardia Shaft. As a side note, you can access your map with R3 to fast travel here.

Ghardia Shaft – This place sucks. The first set of obstacles you’ll face are these different colored panels that have to be crossed in a certain order in order to reach the end. Since this is annoying to figure out on your own, I’ll help you out. For the first section, follow these directions:

Go down, right, down, right, up, right, up, left, and up.

For the second section:

Go up, left, up, up, left, up, up, left, down, down, down, down, left, up, up, left, up, and left.

The next big obstacle involves some gems that have to be placed in pedestals of their matching color in order to create platforms for you to cross. You’ll also have to contend with some floaty orbs that will get in your way and have to be moved to places where they won’t be an obstacle for you. Once you get past this section, the rest is cake. Then prepare yourself for two boss fights in a row. If you managed to get through that, then congratulations! You beat Tales of Graces f!

So that’s it. If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer to the best my memory will allow. Also, if you notice any mistakes in directions or something that’s not right, I’ll try to amend it.



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