Tabletop Review: Map Pack M2: The Ring of Stones

Map Pack M2: The Ring of Stones

Publisher: Darklight Interactive
Pages: 28
Size: 19.44 MB
Cost: $2.99
Release Date: 09/03/2011
Get it Here:

This map pack from Darklight Interactive shows a simple ring of stones, eight in all, that surround a small clearing in the woods. It is designed to be a focal point for an upcoming campaign setting. The center of the clearing appears to be an altar. Even without the campaign, this map holds a lot of promise as both a hook and an interesting area map for any fantasy tabletop game.

The main file in this download is a 28 page PDF and the 13 page map is presented once in color and once in black & white. Convenient 1″ grid lines are provided on both maps. Included with the download is a compressed .RAR file with four 50 DPI .JPG images: two color and two black & white, one with and one without gridlines.

The color PDF prints out fairly well and produces a 23″ square map when assembled. Even though the black and white pages are described as “desaturated greyscale” it doesn’t print out nearly as well. A little more optimization for black and white printing would have gone a long way. A higher-resolution fully assembled map would be helpful for those that would prefer to have their map printed professionally. Even bumping up the resolution to 72 or better yet 100 DPI would make the map useful for virtual table tops. Because the PDF is password protected, an enterprising GM couldn’t use software to stitch a higher-resolution map from the individual map pages.

The Ring of stones map is a small (100′) area map that has a lot of potential, but it really only suited for printing in color and assembling by hand for table-top use. That limits this download quite a bit and while the price is reasonable, I’d only recommend this map if you were going to use it as a focal point for your players.



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