Tabletop Review: 100 Names for Scoundrels and Rogues

100 Names for Scoundrels and Rogues
Publisher: Fishwife Games
Pages: 1 Page
Cost: .70 (watermarked PDF)
Release Date: 01/09/2012
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INTRODUCTION: This one page document can be utilized in any game that utilizes proper names for those greedy, vile scoundrels and rogues that can be randomly encountered in a fantasy roleplaying game. The list of names is practically compatible with any game that uses such classes.

CONTENTS: This one page PDF contains 100 names that can be assigned to thieves, rogues, scoundrels, criminals or whatever villainous NPC’s the players might encounter. The list of names are not in alphabetical order and are numbered 1 to 100 for randomization factors. The Game Master can either handpick the name or roll randomly for a name to assign to these NPC’s.

PRACTICAL USE: The list of names provided in this one-page PDF will make it easier for a Game Master to bring life to his NPC’s as the players encounter them in their travels. Some of the names are not very “roguish” in nature, and therefore allow the GM to name other NPC’s of different classes, such as fighters and barbarians. All in all, a very nice colorful list of names.

POSITIVE NOTES: I found this list of names provided in this PDF to be very useful in the event I needed names to identify specific NPC’s in my campaign. The resourcefulness of the names themselves will allow a Game Master to input them into any fantasy game supplement and perhaps other related settings. The list of names are provided in a format where they are easy to read.


OVERALL REVIEW: VERY EXCELLENT product in the least. The names are indeed very colorful such as Francis the Rat, Bola the Hag Woman, and even Brok the Brawler. Very well done and its usefulness is endless.







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