Tabletop Review: 100 Wicked Names for Pirate Ships

100 Wicked Names for Pirate Ships
Publisher: Fishwife Games
Pages: 1 Page
Cost: .70 (watermarked PDF)
Release Date: 01/09/2012
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INTRODUCTION: This one page document is practically compatible with any game that utilizes ships or vessels of any kind that are identified by their proper name.

CONTENTS: This very simple PDF has a list of 100 names that a GM can utilize to name ships in a setting where there is pirate activity. The list of names are not in alphabetical order and are numbered from 1 to 100 for random generation purposes.

PRACTICAL USE: A Game Master who runs out of names for ships especially pirate ships will find this PDF very useful as it will provide a variety of interesting names for those ships. I personally found some of the names of these ships very colorful and in some cases, not very “piratey” therefore, can be utilized to fool the players into thinking they might be mere merchant vessels if encountered on the high seas. The Game Master does not have to use these names for pirate vessels but for any ship he is using in that particular campaign. The names utilized in this PDF can be assigned to other types of vessels such as spacefaring vessels in Spelljammer or maybe some of the huge flying airships in Eberron. The use of these names are practically endless.

POSITIVE NOTES: I found the names to range from fanciful to sheer frightful in the event if I ever encountered such vessels with names such as the Medusa, the Devil’s Sloop, or the Hell’s Awakening. Very nice list and totally useful. The list of ship’s names is easy to read with no outlandish fonts.


OVERALL REVIEW: EXCELLENT product in the least. Useful for those who have seafaring campaigns in the present or in the future to come. Very well done and a must for those who run out of ideas for colorful names of pirate ships.







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