Tabletop Review: Masterwork Maps: Inns & Taverns

Masterwork Maps: Inns and Taverns
Publisher: Darkfuries Publishing
Pages: 98
Cost: $10.00
Release Date: 02/02/2012
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This 98 page supplement by Darkfuries Publishing was designed as a D20 product for the 3.0 version of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game by Wizards of the Coast. Inns and Taverns can be used in any fantasy game system that utilizes villages, towns, hamlets, and cities.

Within this supplement are twenty unique inns and fifteen taverns that a gamemaster can place as needed inside civilized areas of that particular campaign setting. Every inn and tavern is covered in great detail to include information on the owner, host, and/or hostess, the working staff, a huge list of meals and food served at different times of the day, and a detailed floor plan of the structure in question. The inns/taverns that are utilized will have important information as far as what kind of clientele frequent the business such as lowly commoners, merchants, craftsmen, scholars, criminal elements, nobility, or even specific classes such as warriors, barbarians, wizards, etc. With this kind of information, this will allow players to frequent those establishments that will fit their character’s personal needs. A good portion of those NPCs who are owners of these places will have stat blocks while others are just simply generalized and left open for the gamemaster to fill in the details. There is a sizable amount of information on patrons in the last chapter of this supplement which provides a host of NPCs, occupations, social ranking, background information, and an attributed adventure hook that could play into the current player’s game. Each of the inns and taverns are represented by a black and white floor plan detailed with all the typical furniture normally found in such establishments. The features would include the roof, floor, stairs, exterior/interior walls, windows, chests, balconies, and doors. The features of the buildings also is coupled with a chart that gives a simple description of the item, its break DC, thickness, hardness, and its hit points. Another chart that is found towards the front of the supplement provides an extensive list of furnishings such as beds (common/luxury), casks, crates, tables (large, small, hewn bench), barrels (all sizes), bar counters, desks, and dressers. As per the aforementioned features of the building, the list of furniture also comes with their physical description, Break DC, thickness, hardness, and hit points. Information on lodging capacity and seating capacity are given for each establishment if needed. Each of the taverns is assigned between a 1 to 5-star rating with 5 stars as insanely high prices to frequent the opulent establishment, 3 stars as good quality, expensive prices, and 1 star as cheap prices and poor quality.

A gamemaster can provide hours of roleplaying experience with use of this supplement and the information provided. The establishments are fully detailed and most important of all are the wide array of NPCs that can be encountered and dealt with. In the event of the players who are adventuring and travelling around, if they come across a large city, it would not be uncommon to find an unusually wide diversity of inns and taverns they can frequent specifically for their class or even race. This opens the door for the players to find more adventures to go on especially with the wide list of NPCs that can be encountered and their adventure hook stories.

There is no key to read the floor maps for the inns and taverns. It is quite obvious to those that are familiar with such floor maps, but it would be very useful if it was added to help identify questionable furniture or other items. I was impressed with the extensive list of food products that can be served in the various locales but WHERE are the costs for ordering such food? It is highly recommended to get the PDF in order to print out various establishments because the binding is nowhere flexible enough to get under a copy machine

The maps are solid, well detailed, and easily compatible for any fantasy game setting. The rules setting for Inns & Taverns is for 3.0 Dungeons & Dragons. However it easily compatible with other D20 systems such as Paizo’s Pathfinder. An experienced gamemaster can easily utilize this supplement in any fantasy gaming setting if need be with little to no modification. The PDF is $10.00 at, which I find to be an outstanding price for a product of its unlimited enhancement value in a fantasy game setting.

This indeed is an excellent supplement for a gamemaster who lacks the time to flesh his campaign world due to other considerations. The supplement is well written and easily utilized. The maps of the structures are all printed in black and white and very easy to modify if need be. The supplement is easy to read and formatted with ease that there is no difficulty in finding the needed information on any of the establishments contained within the supplement. This is a supplement I totally recommend to any gamemaster who wishes to fill out his cities with interesting establishments for the players.



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