Diehard GameFAN is Hiring!

Diehard GameFAN is hiring!

As we head into our tenth anniversary as a site, we have a slight problem. We have more review copies coming in than our current staff can handle. Now I know that most sites don’t try to actually cover every review copy they get, but we do, and we pride ourselves on that fact. Every game deserves to be talked about with the same level of coverage, be it an indie game by three people or a multi-million dollar title whose commercials are blared from morning to night.

Diehard GameFAN is a not-for-profit site gaming website. This isn’t a paying job. Instead you receive review copies of games in exchange for your review of them. It’s a simple barter process. You also get the opportunity to attend press events, conventions and more. It’s a great gig and several of our writers have gone on to work for everyone from Activision to Wizards of the Coast.

We’re hiring for both our video game and tabletop sections. We’re looking for staffers for the following positions:

Video Game Positions

1) 3DS Reviewer
2) Assorted PC Game Reviewer
3) Adventure Game Reviewer (Point and click)
4) Sports Game Reviewer
5) iOS Reviewer
6) Android Game Reviewer
7) Wii Reviewer

These are the primary positions we are looking to fill, but we’re also looking for any one with the desire to write about video games and who can consistently meet deadlines while adhering to a level of quality.

We’re also looking for a few older gamers who have played a wide array of video games who can take part in our Hall of Fame/Hall of Shame voting procedure. All you need there are some strong opinions and experience with both a wide array of systems and games. Have you played everything from H.E.R.O. to Dragon Force and can comment on their quality? Then we want you.

Our video game reviews to tend to be quite long and we have a reputation within the industry as the most in-depth reviews out there. Reviewers must be in North America (preferably the United States) and be able to have a review done within one week of receiving the game. They must also be willing to play a wide range of titles.

Tabletop Gaming

We started reviewing Tabletop titles halfway through 2011 and it already makes up a third of the site’s hits. This is still growing and we need a lot of new writers. What we’re really looking for are people who are willing to try all sorts of new games, be they RPGs or board games. The tabletop section in particular need of several new writers as we are getting roughly a hundred review copy offers a week. If you have an interest in rolling dice instead of pressing controller buttons, considering applying for a tabletop reviewer position with Diehard GameFAN.

There are a few specific niches we’d love to fill such as:

1) Pathfinder Reviewer
2) Map reviewer
3) Battletech Reviewer
4) Warhammer Fantasy and 40K roleplay reviewer
5) New World of Darkness/Exalted Reviewer
6) CCG Reviewer
7) Reviewers willing to try new tabletop games, supplements and adventures!

Unlike video game reviewers, applicants can be anywhere in the world as review copies are all PDFs. Again, we get an insane number of review copies in and if you’re able to write articulate and compelling reviews on these sorts of products, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re interested in writing for either section of Diehard GameFAN, send an email to pr at Diehard GameFAN dot com, with a subject line telling us what your applying for (Specific position mentioned above or general applicant). In the email tell us a little bit about yourself, your experience, writing history and (if applicable) a writing sample. We’re looking to hear from you.

-Alexander Lucard
Diehard GameFAN



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