Win a SIGNED Copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from Diehard GameFAN and Blockbuster!

Haven’t had time or the disposable income to pick up Skyrim yet? We understand. Ashe, Mark, Matt and everyone else that owns a copy has been too busy playing it to review it! The good news is Diehard GameFAN is playing the middleman for Blockbuster Video and is giving you the chance to win a copy of one of the biggest releases of 2011. Even better, the copies we are giving away are signed by the development teams themselves!

Why is Blockbuster doing this you might ask? Well, it’s to help advertise their new holiday promotion. If you buy a copy of either Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City or Gears of War 3, you get a free month of unlimited games and movie rentals as well. This is a great offer for a chilly December as the sun sets early and it’s too cold in a lot of places to do outdoor activities. You can learn more about the specifics of this offer and the legal bits for both the contest and the month of rentals by clicking here!

We’ll be giving away two copies of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – one for the Sony Playstation 3 and one for the Microsoft Xbox 360. Sorry PC gamers – maybe next time. Please note that this contest is only open to Legal US residents only and that the PR firm representing Blockbuster will be sending the actual games out – not Diehard GameFAN themselves. All you have to do to enter is simply respond to this post with your name (or handle for those that worry about being found in a Google search for some reason) and console preference, along with clicking the “like” button below, sharing this on Facebook and Twitter. Then in a few weeks, we’ll announce the winner, get your contact and mailing information and provide it to the company mailing out the prizes. Pretty easy, right? It takes less time, money and energy than actually buying a copy of Skyrim and yours will be signed to boot. Good luck!



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24 responses to “Win a SIGNED Copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim from Diehard GameFAN and Blockbuster!”

  1. Project Director Avatar
    Project Director

    veinsplasher – xbox 360

    1. Alexander Lucard Avatar

      Congrats! You won! Send me an email with your address so I can forward it on to Blockbuster.

  2. John Hall Avatar


  3. Chris Hopkinson Avatar

    Armoured Priest – PS3

    1. Alexander Lucard Avatar

      Congrats! You won. Send me an email with your address so I can forward it on to Blockbuster.

  4. Neko Chan Avatar

    littlenekochan – Xbox 360

  5.  Avatar

    CyDetrakD – ps3

  6. Andrew Avatar

    Andrew Hess-360

  7. Ashe Avatar

    DHGFAshe – PS3

  8.  Avatar

    Chris Bowen – PS3

  9. Crystal Steltenpohl Avatar

    Crystal – xbox360
    @crystal_shards if needed, on Twitter.

  10. Julie Wenzel Avatar

    Julie – Xbox 360

  11. mojoxrisen Avatar

    Win! xbox

  12. Brian Landry Avatar
    Brian Landry

    Brian – PS3

  13. Freddykrugar2 Avatar

    Steve B and Xbox 360 please:)

  14. Brandon Mietzner Avatar
    Brandon Mietzner

    This would be awesome to win! XBox please.

  15.  Avatar

    Josiah Renaudin, and 360, please! Would take either, though!

  16. Neil Merschbrock Avatar

    Neil Merschbrock
    360 is my console preference, but PS3 is fine too :)
    Thanks to you and blockbuster for the contest!

  17. Weihua Fan Avatar

    PS3 please. Thank you.

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