Life During War Games 12-02-2011

After last week’s massive Holiday Gift Guide, my wife’s amazing rendition of Alton Brown’s Thanksgiving Turkey recipe, and the preparations for my trip to see Glenn Campbell’s final concert, I thought this week would be the perfect time to catch up on some stuff that has slipped through the proverbial cracks.

The jovial Ambush Alley Games crew are smack dab in the middle of a pretty cool competition. Since there is over a month left to enter, now is as good a time as any to spread the word. The Tomorrow’s War STRIKE FORCE painting contest has pretty simple rules, available here. Paint up a small force of science fiction miniatures, from any manufacturer and in any scale, post some photos to a hosting site, and send links to with the subject line STRIKE FORCE SUBMISSION. While the prizes are fantastic, including $200 worth of Osprey Books, the real beauty of the STRIKE FORCE painting contest is that fun is as important to the judges as technical skill. You have until January 15th to enter, so get your brushes wet.

Defiance Games are almost ready to release their first product, the USMC Infantry. 28mm near-future Marines are an easy concept to love and these ones from Defiance Games look great. At $30 for a unit of 24 plastic Marines, the price is right. The two things I really dig about these models are the proportions, which are realistic instead of “Ëœheroic,’ and the plethora of assembly options. As much as I like Games Workshop, for Tomorrow’s War I have been looking for plausible human infantry to match up with whatever horrors I throw their way. The weapon loadouts are flexible, but the option to give each and every Marine the traditional Marine 8-pointed cap is what makes these a must have. Pre-orders have started and they should be rolling out in January. I am really stoked to see what Defiance Games will be releasing in 2012.

It looks like my next war game review will be for the Panzer Reich Crash Test. I have never played a tank oriented war game, so I am pretty excited. I will be making some counters in Photoshop to use and drafting my little sister into play-testing it with me. Other than that, it looks like my holiday season will be occupied by catching up on my painting and writing some Tomorrow’s War scenarios. While I hate to cut things short, this has been a hectic week.

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