Walkthrough: Corpse Party (Sony Playstation Portable)

Hello and welcome to Diehard GameFAN’s Corpse Party walkthrough! This is my first walkthrough, to be honest; while I was considering making one for 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors that ultimately never came to fruition, and I ended up abandoning it altogether once I realized that there were several on GameFAQS already by that point. With Corpse Party, however, I opted work with the guide as I played, typing out the steps taken as I went through the game so as to keep track of things at the time. Now, there is a Japanese Wiki available that explains in detail how to complete the game (located at http://corpseparty.wiki.fc2.com/), and I also made use of this for several of the more off the wall puzzles in the game, as can you; however, you’ll have to translate it through Google or something similar and a lot of the translations end up translating out to Engrish, so I wanted to get something out into the world that was more… intelligible, let us say.

Also, aside from the obvious thanks to XSEED for bringing the game Stateside, I wanted to say thanks to GameFAQS user “Koton0ha” for pointing me in the right direction, indirectly, with the second item puzzle in Chapter 2 via answering a question for another user, as well as “SyberiaWinx” and “Wyrdwad” for some basic information they posted that was helpful for clarifying certain things about obtaining endings.

Anyway, bear in mind the following observations before we begin:

1.) This guide is about as spoiler-free as I can possibly make it, meaning that many of the events and items you meet aren’t readily identified, but the sequences you’ll encounter them are.

2.) I am bad at directions in real life, so it’s entirely possible I may have written something in a way, direction-wise, that doesn’t really work out as intended; if so, feel free to point this out and I’ll clarify and correct it.

3.) If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section at the bottom or my E-mail or Twitter links to ask away; I am here to help.

Okay, with all of that out of the way, let’s get started.


The opening for the chapter will introduce the characters briefly as well as the sequence of events that ends up with everyone in Heavenly Host Elementary. After the brief introductory sequence, you’ll be in control of Naomi in a busted up room in the school. This is still a part of the introduction, so there’s only really a strict path: move into the center of the room to see Seiko on the other side of the room, then leave by the south east door and enter by the north east door to interact with Seiko. After a brief sequence of events, you’ll be in control of a moving eye that allows you to learn about each of the characters a little more before the chapter proper starts up.

As you wander around, Naomi and Seiko will eventually bring up the fact that Naomi has a sprained ankle, which will come up a few more times but doesn’t impact anything in the chapter. For now, head back into the southern part of the classroom via the hallway and move to the left side of the room to pick up a loose board. You’ll need this for crossing the gaps in the hallway floor. Move south in the hallway first and cross the gap with the board to head down to the first floor; you don’t need to do this thing, but it adds some flavor to the game and gives you access to a save candle in the stairwell. Head right and then down toward the shoes in the lobby to trigger a scene, then head to the door to trigger another. This resolves everything in this area, so head back upstairs and across the board; the floor on the opposite side gives way at this point, so retrieve your board and place it across the northern gap to continue.

The stairwell directly north is blocked, but going into it yields some information. That done, head right and into the open classroom above you. The girls spy the remains of a former victim in the room; interact with the remains to trigger a scene (the answer given to the question presented here makes no difference), whereupon the girls will leave the way they came in. Go back to the north stairwell now to interact with a spirit, who will drop a key you’ll need for later. Go back into the classroom, which now has a candle in it for saving, and look at the remains of the student again, which will add his nametag to your list. There are a few other things in this room to look at, but nothing of importance. Move east from here and you’ll pass the doorway to classroom 3A; if you collected the key from the stairwell earlier you’ll be able to open the door. Naomi will express disinterest in going in, however.

IF YOU DO NOT GO IN HERE YOU WILL GET A BAD END FOR THE CHAPTER. If you want to collect all endings, save in the prior classroom and skip the next paragraph (and this room), then come back after getting the BAD END and go through the next sequence.

Head into 3A and look at the remains on the floor to see a message about the newspaper in the center of the floor. Read the paper to trigger a sequence where your characters will get locked in the room. There’s not much to be done, so simply interact with the candle, chalkboard, newspaper, remains and door several times until the door opens. Check the body before leaving, however, to add another nametag to your list. Out in the hall, another scene will play out before you’ll be back in control.

Outside of 3A, head right until the path splits; you can’t go up because you’ll need another board, so head down. Halfway through the hall you’ll come across another sequence of events and a bit of a mess, but after the scene, progress further south to the stairwell below; just before it on the right you’ll see another board, which you should take before you go down the stairs to the first floor.

There’s some remains of a victim to your right, and the path onward goes left, then up, past a spirit on the left. The path splits at the end of the hall; heading left shows you a blocked door and the remains of another student, while heading right progresses onward. There’s a classroom above you along the hall that you’ll need to enter to acquire an item, but you’ll have to catch the item to claim it. Enter through the left door first, then leave and enter through the right door and leave again. You’ll see a spirit in the hall at this point; talk to it, then enter through the left door and make a mental note of where the shining purple object is across the room and enter again through the right door. Move to where the object will appear and press X to make Seiko wait there. Head back through the left door to see a scene and acquire another key, this time for the infirmary upstairs. Off to the right from the classroom there’s another set of remains (with no nametag, however) and a door you can’t enter, so head back upstairs for now.

Go north, past the infirmary (which has no real use right now) toward the staircase along the north wall. Place the board across the hole in the floor and head upstairs, then check out the bathrooms. There’s an event in the boys bathroom and a locked door in the girl’s bathroom, but nothing else. After trying to leave, a… weird scene comes up, at which point Seiko will head off to the bathroom alone. Try to head downstairs for a scene, then head back to the girl’s bathroom for another. Head downstairs for another scene about Naomi’s ankle, then head south through the halls for another scene before arriving at the infirmary.

There’s a candle in the bottom right corner of the infirmary, and a stove slightly north-west of that; raid the stove for some matches, then check out the items around the room, saving the bed for last. A long scene will play out, and Seiko will leave. Once you’re in control, check the door, then walk around a bit for a scene. Walk around the right side of the room for another scene, then check the door again. Head back up for another scene, then to the desk, then south until a spirit appears. This spirit is aggressive and can (and will) kill you in four hits, so head for the door, try to set the hairs there on fire, then head around the left of the curtain and to the right to the cabinet to grab the alcohol, then south (the floor will collapse in spots but the spirit, for some reason, gets caught by this too, giving you a chance to escape) and around the bottom left of the room to douse the hair in alcohol and burn your way out.

NOTE: BAD END 2: Get hit four times by the spirit in the infirmary for a bad end here.

Once you’re out of the room, if you DIDN’T interact with room 3A, you’ll skip over the next section; there will be a scene in the hall and then you’ll be on the third floor as Naomi. If you DID, a bit more work is in order.

A long scene will come up between Naomi and Seiko, at which point both will split up (the choice you make here only changes how the scene plays out) and you’ll end up playing as Seiko on the first floor. If you try to go back upstairs a scene will play out preventing you from doing so, forcing you to move forward on the first floor. At the end of the hall you’ll be prompted to follow the voice you hear; you’ll have to do so to continue, which will end this sequence.

Naomi will pop back up on the third floor, looking for Seiko. Head to the girl’s room and interact with the previously locked stall for a scene. Interact with Seiko three times or interact with the bucket out in the hall, then Seiko, for the final scene of the chapter.

NOTE: BAD END 1: Don’t read the newspaper in Room 3A and progress to this point in the chapter. If you looked the game up on Youtube, this is probably the BAD END you saw at some point.

Assuming you entered Room 3A, this ends the chapter normally.



We start off with a memory sequence between Naomi and Seiko before reality sets in, and we move off to Ms. Shishido, Ayumi and Yoshiki. After an event that seems to be happening after Naomi’s sequence (though time doesn’t seem to mean much here), Ms. Shishido is given to you to control. From the hallway, you can head down and then left to go into the bottom half of the room to find a power crystal; at this point you can choose to keep it or give it to Yoshiki, and given the choice, keeping it does nothing, while giving it to Yoshiki pays dividends later. From here, going further down the hallway is impossible, so head up. The stairwell at the end of the hall is blocked off at the top, but inside is a key to Room 3A that you need in order to progress, so pick it up and move on. You can move into the classroom above you immediately after starting down the hall, but aside from a quick jump scare there’s nothing here. Use the key to enter Room 3A and an event will occur. Afterward, walk up to the door and another event will occur; the question offered to you doesn’t make a difference as the answer is basically the same.

You will then take control of Yoshiki, as Ayumi will want to go look around and the two of you will have to do so. Once out in the hall, while you can go up, there’s no reason to do so; the earthquake has collapsed some of the floor and nothing is accessible at this point. Go down and head downstairs, where an event will take place and a candle will be put out in the stairwell for you, and after walking around a bit, you’ll find an intersection. Heading down brings you into the lobby for no benefit, so head up and you’ll find the remains (and ID’s) of four students. Further up, you’ll hit an intersection. Going left will reveal remains and Victim Note 1. Inspect the remains twice for an ID. You’ll also find an open door with an elongated classroom, and after a couple scenes, you’ll notice a ghost along the wall. Avoid facing the ghost as you walk past and grab the nail puller (crowbar) off the table, then avoid looking at the ghost again as you walk past a second time and leave the room.

NOTE: BAD END 1: Look into the eyes of the ghost in the long classroom. Yup.

Going right from the long classroom and down the hall past the intersection leads to remains, sans ID, and a note; reading the note triggers the remains to morph into a hostile spirit, though for now all it does is complain. Go back to the intersection and head down, and after a bit, Ayumi will lose her head and run down into the lobby.

NOTE: The next paragraph can be skipped if you’re looking to get a BAD END. You should probably save at the candle before doing the next bit regardless, though.

Head down into the lobby to see a scene, at which point Ayumi will rejoin you. The second Victim Note is also in the bottom left hand corner of the room here. Leaving the lobby and heading into the hall will trigger the ghost from earlier, who will now start walking toward you. If he touches you, you get the aforementioned BAD END for staring into his eyes; the one exception to this is if you have the power crystal, which will take one hit for you and allow you to keep going. Either way, you’ll want to head back into the lobby, which will set him further back upon exiting, and allow you to get past him more easily.

Head left down the hall and back up the stairs, then into the classroom you were in earlier. The doorway to the left of the chalkboard can be opened with the nail puller, at the cost of breaking the item, allowing you into a small attached room. Flip the switch along the left wall, which raises a platform in the long classroom to its switch. You can also find the third Victim Note here. Head back to the long classroom from before, avoiding the ghost (if needed) and flip the switch in this room to raise a platform out in the main hall.

NOTE: BAD END 2: After Ayumi runs off, instead of following her into the lobby, flip both switches as noted above, then go out into the hall. This is one of those BAD END’s you wouldn’t really think of on your own, and it’s… pretty messy.

As you try to leave the long classroom, the ghost will return, but is easily avoided, allowing you to leave unimpeded. He will follow you as you head out into the hall, of course, so head down at the intersection and across the newly raised platform in the hallway. Head down the hall and up the stairs into the infirmary hallway. The infirmary is open, though there’s no point to going in right now, so continue up the hall and up the stairs to the third floor, noting the remains and ID tag as you go up. The fourth Victim Note can be found on the floor of the main lobby as you enter the third floor. Entering the boys room does nothing of note, but the girls room generates a scene which continues out into the hall. The answer you provide to the question here makes no difference. Yoshiki will walk down the hall, leaving Ayumi by the restrooms, at which point a hostile spirit will appear, though it’s only there to taunt you.

NOTE: BAD END 3: Walk down the stairs at this point. Note that if you still have the power crystal, it will shatter before you do so and you won’t be able to complete this ending; make sure it breaks before this point, or that you don’t give it to Yoshiki to begin with, to see this BAD END.

Walk past Ayumi into the girls bathroom and interact with the stall and the black stain on the ground, then try to leave. A scene will play out, followed by another in the hall before you regain control. Head down into the infirmary hall to see a ghost head into the infirmary, and follow it. After a scene in the infirmary where you meet up with Mayu again, head back into the hall. You’ll meet Naho, who will point you in another direction, so it’s back down the hall for you and down the stairs once more. Head past the ghost and up the hallway, back to the angry spirit from earlier, to find a doll’s body here. Next, head back to the starting classroom hallway and go toward the stairwell. Outside of the stairwell you’ll find the fifth and final Victim Note.

NOTE: BAD END 4: Read the fifth Victim Note. The game even prompts you if you wanted to do it, what did you THINK was going to happen?

Head up into the stairwell to find the head; the two will combine automatically and another scene will play out. Head back to the infirmary, dodging the hostile ghost along the way, and another scene will play out… which reveals some… illuminating information about the first chapter. Oops. After another few sequences, the chapter ends on a dramatic note.



Another opening sequence, this time introducing a couple new students. Our time with them is short, however, and we’re back with Naomi before we know it. Observations about her ability to barf a significant amount aside, we wrap things up with her in a hurry and end up with Satoshi and Yuka for this chapter. After an event with a spirit (the choice made here doesn’t matter) you’ll be in control. There’s another moving object puzzle in this room, this time with a board, though you’ll encounter an event before completing it in the hall. Once the board is yours, another event will come up; the bottle from Yuka works the same as the power charm in the last chapter, protecting you from certain situations, so it’s good for completing the chapter, but bad for getting a specific BAD END.

Head up the hall and to the right, then enter the classroom above you. Another scene plays out when you enter the room and move to the center. Interact with the red remains twice for an ID tag, and there’s a candle above you if you need it. Leave the room by the upper entrance, then head right down the hall for the first Victim Note of this chapter. Head back the way you came, and once you’re out in the hall, another scene will play; the question here doesn’t affect anything, though the second answer is far nicer, of course. Head down the hall from here, place the board in the center of the gap, and cross to the stairwell. Head downstairs for an event, then go down to the first floor.

Once on the first floor, interact with the remains on the left twice for an ID, then head right. Once in the center of the hall, head down to the lobby to find the second Victim Note, then back to the center of the hall. Head right, past the spirit from the second chapter; he’ll say something as he sees you, and again after you pass, but if you look at him, well, the same thing that happened before happens now.

NOTE: BAD END ONE: If you look into the eyes the ghost on the first floor. Enjoy your trip. Damn kid. Note that Yuka’s charm protects you from this, and makes the kid disappear for the time being.

Head right, down the hall, and into the stairwell, up to the second floor. Walk up the hall to the stairwell for the third floor, and in the stairwell, note both the remains with an ID and the key on the ground. On the third floor, note that the boys room is boarded up for some reason, and another scene will play out. Head to the girls bathroom for another scene, then enter for another, thus wrapping up this floor. Head back down to the second floor and use the key on the infirmary door to enter. There’s a candle here, as well as another scene upon walking into the room. Head to the beds for an extended scene, then try to leave and a paper will appear. Read this, then try to leave for another event.

Out in the hall, another event comes up. Take the nail puller on the ground, then head back to the third floor and open up the boys room door with the nail puller. Enter the bathroom for an event, and note the third Victim Note in the left corner of the room. Head back down to the second floor and down the hall to find Morishige and another event (brr), then head down to the first floor. The hall on the right has expanded; head down to the right to find remains with an ID tag, then left and back to the starting classroom. Inspect the teacher’s stand to see Yoshiki’s note for another event, then inspect the cabinet and use the nail puller to exchange the nail puller for the key. Head back down to the first floor and to the right, and open the door at the end of the hall with the key you just received to head to the second wing of the school.

Out in the walkway there’s a scene, and another once you enter the second wing lobby. There’s a candle here, as well as a door out to the left and right. Head out the left door into the hall, then up into the bathroom for another scene (sigh). Head further left into the stairwell; head down the stairs for remains with an ID and the fourth Victim Note (NOTE: the fifth Victim Note is on a body with an ID, so save before reading this to make sure you can get all the ID’s if you care to). Head up the stairs to the third floor for another set of remains with an ID, then out the door on the second floor. Note the broken floor by the girl’s room (sigh), then head through the door on the right. Head right through the next door and continue right to the intersection. There are several green faces on the ground north of you that deal damage if you walk on them, so don’t do that.

NOTE: BAD END FOUR: Walk on the green faces until you lose all health. Not very exciting.

Head down instead, and into the room on the right. An event comes up as you walk into the art room. Speak to the girl in the corner for another event. Leave the room and head back the way you came to see a familiar face. Head down the hall to the left into the next hallway and speak to her for another event. Head back to the left to the stairwell for another earthquake event, and note that some parts of the walkway close up. Head back to the right, to the now accessible girls room, and an event takes place where it’s decided to go back outside. Go back to the main lobby, and after an event, now we’re playing as Yuka alone. Walk Yuka out to the middle of the walkway for an event, and a ghost will appear to the left. Run right, back into the school lobby, for another event.

NOTE: BAD END TWO: Bump into the ghost on the walkway. Wow, that was really rough, actually.

Head out the left door and back to the stairwell, then up to the second floor. Head into the room to the right to meet Morishige again, for another weird event, then leave and head back downstairs. DO NOT go into the boys bathroom here or you’ll be stuck inside with the ghost from before; instead, head for the main lobby, then try to leave by the right side for an event. Try to leave by the left side to meet Yuuya, who becomes party leader, though in an odd twist, Yuka is following him for some reason. Head back up to the second floor, then into the room to the right, and inspect the body twice for an ID. Head to the right, then down at the intersection and into the art room on the right. The girl is gone, but there’s a note in the center of the room to inspect where the bust was. Leave the room and head down the hall, then left to the stairwell, inspecting the remains along the way for another ID tag.

Head off to the right and the music room will lock on you, but if you walk away it unlocks again. Enter the room and look around, noting the piano as you look around. Also note that Yuuya can lift the knocked-over cabinets, which he can do here in the music room. Now, at this point you may have seen the three numbered notes: Note 1, which is in the room where you find Morishige and the body, Note 2, which is in the main lobby, and Note 3, which is in the art room. If you write down the letters in the proper format, they’ll tell you what to do, but if you’re lazy, lift the cabinet in the art room, then search the desk just past where the cabinet was for a pair of shoes which will allow you to cross the green faces on the second floor. Before doing that, though, head back to the lobby, then pick up the broken cabinet and move it out of the way. Take the board inside of it.

Now, for a detour. Head back to the main school and back to the center of the first floor lobby, then go north. There’s a heavy cabinet up there that no one else could do anything with, but Yuuya moves it effortlessly, freeing up the path. Head up the hall to find remains and an ID on the left, then head left and place the board for another remains pile and ID. Head right to find two more bodies along the north wall, both with ID’s, then down the hall for another body and ID, which concludes our time here, so head back to the second wing lobby.

Head right, into the hall, then right to the intersection, down to the end, and left to the stairs to go back up to the second floor. Head up the hall, across the now painless green goo, and collect the item, the crystal of unsealing, at the end. We get another scene here (sigh) and we can now FINALLY open up the girl’s bathroom. Head down and left at the intersection, then left through the next room and use the crystal on the girl’s room door. Open the door for a scene.

At this point you’ll take control of Satoshi again. The door in the upper left is locked, but to the left is a pile of remains, with an ID… and, if you’ve been reading them to this point, the fifth Victim Note for the chapter, blocking the remains. In other words, if you’re collecting both ID’s AND BAD ENDs, you’ll need to go back to your save prior to getting the fourth note (you did keep one like I suggested, right?) and play forward from there.

BAD END THREE: Read the fifth Victim Note. Again, it DID ask you before you did it. Far less horrifying than the last one, to note.

Go to the bottom right corner to discover an occult note, which fills in some background on the game world. Then move to the bottom left corner for a video cassette. Finally, check the door again for a final scene to end the chapter.



Another introductory cinematic, this time showing more of Seiko and Mayu, before you’te given control of Satoshi again. Head down to the stairwell from here, finding remains with an ID in the stairwell along the way. Head left from here, then up the hall to an intersection. Left will find you a note and a body that give you two ID’s, while right brings you to a few things you can’t do anything with yet, so it’s back upstairs we go. The infirmary has a candle inside of it if you want one. Head up the hall and into the stairwell for an event, then answer the ringing cell phone for another event and Naomi’s cell phone. You don’t HAVE to do this, but y’know what? Just do it. Trust me. Head up to the third floor, then into the women’s bathroom for several scenes. When you try to leave, another scene comes up; interact with the middle stall to find Naomi. Now, you have a couple turns to try and save her, but basically, your choices should be Support Her>Hold Her Up>Untie the Rope; anything else will either fail or kill her outright.

Do note that, should Naomi die, you’re basically on the way to an alternate ending to the chapter no matter what.


After several scenes, you’ll be back on track to find Yuka. Head down to the first floor, where Satoshi will find that the entry to the other wing is gone in this world; after a bit, he’ll come to his senses and you’ll be back in control. Head left, then up the hall, then right at the intersection to find Seiko’s cellphone on the ground. Head into the classroom to the left, alternating doors until you discover that you’ll need someone to assist with this puzzle. Head back up to the second floor and into the infirmary to meet Tohko, another student from the school Kizami and the others attended. Watch the event, then leave and come back. When she asks you if you’re here to kill her, tell her no.

NOTE: BAD END TWO: Tell Tohko you’ve come to kill her. What did you expect?

Now, it bears noting that if you DIDN’T pick up Naomi’s phone earlier, SURPRISE, you get BAD END TWO no matter what you do. So enjoy playing over up to this point. Anyway, after the event, leave the infirmary and meet up with Ms. Shishido for a LONG sequence, which marks the EXTRA END for the chapter, which is quite a depressing one at that. So now let’s go back and do things the right way.


Another long sequence of events comes up where Satoshi and Naomi resolve some things and exchange information before you end up back in control in the infirmary. Head out into the hall, then downstairs and to the right to see an event, and then you end up back in control of Yuuya again. Enter the girls bathroom and examine the stalls to get two ID’s, then leave for another scene.

Now we control Ayumi. Head into the hall for an event, then examine the remains for an ID. Head into the intersection, then up to talk to the spirit for some fourth wall breaking advice. Head up a bit for a note and a body, both of which give ID’s. Further north there’s an aggressive spirit, but nothing of note otherwise. Head down the hall and left at the intersection to find another body and ID, then head upstairs, remembering the candle along the way. Once in classroom 1A (the starting room for everyone), look at the teacher’s stand, then move into the room in the upper left for two more piles of remains with ID’s. Leave the room and move up the hall to trigger another scene, then head downstairs and to the right, to the other stairwell. Head upstairs, then go up the hall and into the infirmary on the right. Pick up the doll from earlier, then check the candle for a scene. Approach the bed and one of the ghosts will spawn, so leave the room to avoid him.

NOTE: BAD END ONE: Look into the ghost’s eyes, because that went so well THE LAST TWO TIMES.

Ayumi won’t go up the hall, so go back downstairs, then head left to the other stairwell and up the stairs. Go up the hall, past 1A, and make a right at the intersection. Enter classroom 2A above you for another scene, and we’ve got Yoshiki back, finally. There’s a book in the upper left corner that contains a hint about the next event, and a candle in the upper right corner. Head downstairs to the first floor, then right to the intersection, up to the next intersection, and right again to the custodian’s room. At this point you’ll need to make a specific amount of movements based on the zodiac (… really?) so keep in mind that Rat = Up, Rabbit = Right, Horse = Down, Rooster = Left. From the red door, then, you need to make six paces “horse” and thirteen paces “rooster”… or move into the hallway, move to the bottom wall, and walk left while spamming X because it’s not ACTUALLY possible to make six paces “horse”. Anyway, finding the right spot initiates a scene and a new project. Head back down to the infirmary stairwell, then into the infirmary itself, and go interact with the ghost for another event.

We’re back with Satoshi now. Head left for a scene, then left, up and right to find Seiko’s cell phone. Head back left, down, then right, then head upstairs toward the infirmary. Another scene will play out, and then it’s back downstairs we go, this time up the hall to the classroom along the back wall, where we can now get the place switching item with Naomi’s help. It turns out to be the custodian key, so I bet you know where we’re going next, you smart cookie you. Off to the custodian’s office we go, and after using the key, go inside. A scene will play out, after which you should interact with the TV for another. Finally, read the paper that appears for another scene.

And we’re back to Yoshiki. Head back downstairs to the first floor, then head left to the intersection and down to the front lobby for another instruction. The doll is talking about the gap in the stairwell to the left that you saw heal when Satoshi encountered it; there’s a red herring of sorts when you interact with the walkway off to the right that implies the item might be on the first floor, but ignore that. So go to the left, into the stairwell, and stand on the crack between floors. Take one step left, ten steps up, search by the hole nearby, and you’ll find a small key. Go back into the classroom on the left and into the back room, and use the key on the crank in the corner, and you’ll open a secret room on the first floor. Back down the stairs we go, and to the left this time, into a locker room. An event will come up; afterward, search the right side of the first set of standing lockers for an ID, then go left into the pool. Walk along the top of the pool for a scene, then walk around the pool to the bottom and head down the stairs to the right to find the pump room locked. Head back and you’ll find the key along the way, and then you’re given two minutes to figure out what just happened. Go to the locker room for a scene, then head along the left side of the pool and climb in. Navigate over to where the ripples were in the pool, then press X to dive. You only really have time for a couple tries so try to remember where the ripples were.

NOTE: BAD END FOUR: Fail to solve the problem in two minutes. Enjoy the swim.

NOTE: BAD END THREE: Instead of trying to go into the pool, go to the pump room and use the drainage pump. About as wrong as it sounds.

That accomplished, you’ll get another long scene before it’s time to go investigate the pump room. Find the drainage pump in the upper right corner and use it, then head back out to the pool. Climb into the now empty pool and examine the four bodies for four ID’s, then climb out via the upper ladder on the right to find a note. Read it, then inspect the center grate of the pool for a rusty wheel. Back to the pump room now, where we can attach the rusty wheel to the machine in the center of the room. Head back into the pool and inspect under the spigot for another bag. Head back into the school proper and go save in the stairwell at the candle, just to make life easier. Go to the intersection and head up, and both of the ghost girls are there, because HA HA. You want to interact with the headless girl here, then after the scene, run away to the intersection and head right. You’ll see the third ghost girl go into the stairwell, so follow her up. Halfway up you get another event and HOLY JESUS let’s just move on. Head back up the hallway and talk to the second ghost girl for another long scene. When you wake up, talk to Ayumi for a scene, then try to leave for a long scene and the end of the chapter.



And so, after the incredibly illuminating and graphic intro, we’re back with Yuka. The question presented matters little; if you answer the first answer, you’ll immediately be moved forward in the plot, while if you answer the second answer, you’ll have to try leaving by the right doorway to continue. Either way, once the scene ends, you’ll be in the second floor stairwell. Head down the stairs for remains with an ID and a candle, then out into the first floor hallway for another long scene. Yuka will then go to the lobby, at which point you’re goal is to avoid your pursuer. On the plus side, the pursuer uses the same somewhat dopey AI of the ghosts, so you can trap an item between you and them to buy time. Your goal is basically to run ALL THE WAY AROUND to the other side of the first floor entrance and collect the key that appears there, avoiding the pursuer all the while; do note, though, that moving to the right while you’re in the lobby the first time will immediately cause the shelf to drop. This means that once you get the key, you’ll have to run ALL THE WAY BACK AROUND and unlock the front door, whereas if you avoid moving to the right in the first place you can just run right out the door. So, in order: run out the left door of the lobby, run through the hall out the left door, run up the stairs to the second floor, run through the room out the right door, run out the room out the right door, and run right to the intersection. At this point, if you run up through the green face hallway, there are two piles of remains with ID’s on them for you to collect, but you’ll need to dodge around your pursuer to collect them safely or else you’ll be caught on the way back down the hall (though this is the ONLY time you can acquire them). Either way, head down the hall, then left to the stairwell door, run downstairs to the first floor, run right to the intersection, up the hall, then left down the hall through the left door, run through the room to the left door, then grab the key. Now, either run past the cabinet or run through the halls in reverse order to get back. Open the door, run through the walkway between the main school and the second wing, and then run to the left to see a ghost call for you to follow her. Follow her up to the second floor and run up the hall for an event, and then we’re done with Yuka.

Note that if Yuka is caught here, you’ll get a BAD END much later; I’ll point out where this comes up.

Now we see an event with Morishige, which is… uh, illuminating… before going back to Satoshi and Naomi for another, and then Ayumi and Yoshiki for a third. At this point, you’re prompted to make a choice. The CORRECT choice here is the first one, obviously, but the second choice can lead to a BAD END if you want, though it’s the same bad end that comes from Yuka being captured, so no, you don’t have to take both options. Note that if Yuka was caught in the previous section, you don’t get this option; you simply make the second choice automatically. If you’re on the path to the second choice, after you take control of Yoshiki again, head to the door and watch the scenes that play out, then walk further into the room for more scenes.

Regardless of which choice you make, when you gain control again, you’ll be playing as Ayumi. As you attempt to leave, if you’re with Yokishiki, you’ll see an event here and receive a marble statue; if you’re not, you’ll just see an event. Either way, move out into the hall and move down the hall for a scene; then note on the right there are remains and an ID. There’s nothing to do up the hall at this point, so head down the stairs and to the right down the hall for a scene, then (possibly) a scene with Yuka, before regaining control of Satoshi and Naomi. After the scene, leave the room for another scene, then you’ll be in control of Ayumi again. Head down the hall and inspect the remains ahead for an ID, then keep going right for another scene, at which point you’re offered the party change option. Basically, you can switch between Ayumi’s team and Satoshi’s team at the pentagrams on the floor, though at which points you’ll need to do so is up to you.


You’ll start out watching a scene before you’re sent off to the second wing of the school. There’s a candle in the lobby for you, but otherwise, head off to the left. You’ll see another scene here. Interact with the body for an ID, then head out the left door into the stairwell for another scene. You need to pick up the cell phone here, but otherwise, there’s not much to do in the second wing, so we’re going to go grab some ID’s while we’re here and not being chased; feel free to skip this section if you don’t care about ID’s. Head up to the second floor, then through the next room out the right side door, and through the next room, again, out the right side door. The upper hallway has been sealed off (not that it matters), so head down the hall and inspect the bust for an ID tag. Continue down the hall and head left to the stairs that lead to the first floor, inspecting the remains and getting an ID as you get to the bottom of the stairs. Out in the hallway, head right and enter the music room to find another set of remains in the bottom right corner of the room. Leave the music room and head up the hall to find THREE sets of remains on the left, then all the way up to find another set, all with ID’s. At this point you’re basically done here, so head back around to the entrance, where you’ll find another tape and, depending on the path you’re on, Yuka, in the upper right corner.

Head back to the main school now and head left to a pile of remains with an ID. If you head upstairs at this point, there’s a candle, a switch that opens up a connecting path for both parties to use, and another body with an ID for you to collect, as well as a switch point, but not much else. If you head up the long hallway on the first floor, back to the TV, you can watch the tape you found here for an event. Interact with the closet at this point to open the door and climb through to find a ladder. The choice you make here, if Yuka is with you, really doesn’t matter; Satoshi’s going up the ladder first, whether you choose one or the other (though the second choice is a little more amusing out of context). Another scene will play out at this point, and depending on your choices up to this point, one of two things will happen:

1.) If Yuka avoided capture and Yoshiki chose to go with Ayumi immediately, an event will play out in the hall, you’ll get a third video tape, and you’ll still be in control of Satoshi; if so, there’ll be a transfer point nearby, so step on that and skip to “AYUMI’S TEAM”, or

2.) If Yuka was captured and/or Yoshiki refused to go to with Ayumi immediately, Ayumi will show up and, after a scene, you’ll be playing as her. Let’s just sum this up simply: from the stairwell, head down the stairs and straight down the hall to the transfer point. As Satoshi, head to the second floor via the stairwell to the right and flip the switch, then head back down the ladder for an event. At this point you switch back to Ayumi permanently, so cross the new bridge, head right down the hall and into the door above you. Move right into the second classroom, and watch the incredibly depressing sequence of events play out.

NOTE: BAD END (ENDING 4): Allow Yuka to be caught and/or Yoshiki to refuse to go when presented with the option. Also,




Ahem. Moving along…


From the teleportation point, head left in the hallway to find a report and a candle, then back and down the hall to find remains with an ID on the right. Head further down into the school lobby for one of Naho’s notes. You’ll need to collect all five to get the best possible ending, so keep that in mind. Head left and upstairs, where there’s another one of Naho’s notes up the hall on the right. If you followed the directions above, at the end of the hall, there will be a bridge on the left to cross; if not, switch back to Satoshi and follow the “go upstairs” directions. Just past the bridge there’s a candle, and beyond that, the best ID tag in the whole game (ha ha, dick). Head down the hall at the end to find remains with an ID tag and a note, but there’s no point in going further down because we can’t open that way yet. Before doing anything else, let’s head back down to the first floor. Head right and halfway down the hall we’ll find Naho’s third note, though we don’t get to see the contents of it. Back upstairs now, and look at the class windows near the candle to unlock the nearby door. You can inspect the sheet for a lark, but otherwise, head to the bottom of the room for remains with an ID and the fourth Naho note. At this point you’re attacked by two pursuers, one who bumbles around a lot and one who actively chases you, as you attempt to escape the room. The key to the now-locked door is in the bottom right corner, so grab it and get out.

NOTE: BAD END (ENDING 3): Bump into one of your pursuers. And it seemed so positive, too…

Once you’re out of the room, if you’re going for BAD ENDs, I’d recommend saving here, as there’s about to be several branch points. What I’m going to do here is distinguish specific actions by text format, so you’ll know what you have to do based on what endings you’re going for.

ALL ENDINGS: Text will be displayed normally; this means all of the next several sequences will require you to go through the following actions.

CONDITIONAL ENDINGS: The actions in BOLD text will require you to be on a specific path in order to see them; since there are SIX MORE ENDINGS you can get (seriously), prior to a branch point, I’ll note what ending(s) the branch points you toward, then note prior to bolded sections which endings you’ll have to be on the path toward in order to see the events listed.

Good? Good.


(TRUE END (ENDING 1)) Okay, what you’re SUPPOSED to do to get the best ending here is head right, then down the hall, then into the classroom on the left. Naho’s last note is on the left side of the room, which you NEED to read before you head up to the third floor.However, NOT reading it allows for the option of getting BAD END (ENDING 8), so if you’re looking to collect them, skip the classroom.

Either way, head left past the candle and upstairs to the third floor.

(TE(E1)) If you’re aiming for the best ending, head into the research room on the right for a scene, as well as another statue and an ID.

Either way, head down the hallway to the right to speak with Satoshi’s team.


After an event, you’ll be back in control of Satoshi. Head off to the right and down the stairs that have now magically healed up, and flip the switch to make a path for Ayumi. At this point you could just switch back to Ayumi, but we have a little more work to do. Head back upstairs and down the ladder in the girls room, then down into the main hall.

(TE(E1)) IF YOU COLLECTED ALL FIVE OF NAHO’S NOTES AND SAW THE SCENE IN THE REFERENCE ROOM, you’ll need to head down and go into the stairwell, up to the second floor, and place the statues you have on their pedestals. Doing so will open another door; head into the hall and watch the scenes that take place. Once you finish watching the scenes, in the hallway, there’s an item you can pick up, a small cat doll. Take it with you; simply owning the item affects nothing going forward.

Either way, back on the first floor, head out to the right and toward the second wing for a scene, which nets you the principal’s key. Once in the lobby of the second wing, head out the left door, then through the room out the left door to the stairwell. Head up the stairs to the third floor, then open the door to the principal’s office and watch the scene. Navigate through the room and claim the item off of his desk for another scene, then look at the left side of the shelves to the right along the back wall to find a path to… something, which then dumps you back to…


And we’re back on the third floor. Head to the reference room now for a scene that fills in Ayumi and Yoshiki on some events. Leave the room and head left, down the stairs to the second floor, for another long scene, then head down the hall, over the path opened by Satoshi earlier. There’s a body with an ID immediately to the right to claim, and after, head right along the hall for a scene. Enter the door at the end of the hall to enter a double-sized classroom, and head to the right into the… interesting… room for a scene. Whatever choice you make literally doesn’t matter, as you’re stuck in the room either way. After a long event that fills in the details of an ending earlier in the game, you’ll end up jumping into an incinerator. No, really. Once again, a choice comes up, and once again, you end up making the same decision no matter what.


And now we’re in a bomb shelter. Head left to the intersection, then down for a scene that tells you just where you are right now. The path off to the left leads to the basement, which you needn’t visit. Head up to see a spirit head through the pathway before you; match its movements or you’ll be dropped into a trap door that leads into the basement, so you’ll have to climb back up and start again. In order, follow the right path, the right path, the left path, the right path, then the right path. Head to the right for a scene and a switch, then head down the hall to the end for another switch. Head back up and go right through the center hall to an intersection; the upper path is blocked so head down here to find the switch to open it up. Back up we go, then off to the left for two blocked paths and a switch. Flip the switch on the left, then head right and down the newly opened path to flip the switch at the end, then up and left back to the other new path. There’s a candle at this point as well. Head up, where we find…

ANOTHER MAZE. Sigh. Rather than go through the long complex path the spirit shows us, assuming we stop at every open path, the path is: right, right, up, left, left, up, left, down, down, left, up, up, up and out of here. Head right in the next hallway to enter the “Dissection room”, which is as pleasant as it sounds. In the bottom right you’ll find remains with an ID, then another ID in the bucket just above that. Head around to the top of the bucket collection on the right for a third ID. Look at the closet in the upper left, then the sink and table in the upper right, then try to leave the room for another lengthy scene. After that’s done, head up the hall to the intersection. To the left is a candle.

(BAD END (ENDING 2): If you head further left and down the hallway, you’ll enter into an event in the bathrooms here; there’s no way to avoid the event once you enter the vicinity of the bathrooms. Once the scene plays out, head into the women’s bathroom for another scene, then back out to the candle.

Head right from the candle, then up the hall to an intersection and a scene. Going right produces no effect, so go left, then up the hall to switch back to…


Holy crap that’s a lot of bodies. You’ll want to inspect all ELEVEN bodies for ID tags (told you it was a lot) before leaving the room. Once you leave, another scene comes up.

NOTE: BAD END (ENDING 8): At this point in the story, if you did not read all five of Naho’s notes and see the scene in the reference room with Naho, you’ll get this ending. Amusingly, this is apparently the CORRECT ending… go figure.

NOTE: BAD END (ENDING 5): Head back at this point to the previous intersection and head right down that hall for another ending. Do this NOW; if you head up you don’t get another shot.

Head up from here for another scene and what is basically the last candle of the game. Head up from here and OOOOOOHHHHH BOY IT JUST GOT REAL. After a scene you’ll be asked what you want to offer to the angry spirit; you can ONLY offer up its tongue and the small cat doll, NOTHING ELSE. The game will give you the chance to offer other things, but, uh… don’t do that.

NOTE: BAD END (ENDING 6): Give the spirit the wrong items. See previous rant.

At this point another scene will come up; from here, you’ll have to chant whatever amount of times is equal to the amount of people in your group PLUS ONE for the spirit. So, if you have four people, chant five times, if you have five people, chant six times, and so on.

So, after a horribly illuminating and depressing event, now you have to haul your ass out of the school AND you’re under a time limit (seven bell chimes) that isn’t paused by bringing up the menu. Also, there are several ID’s along the way, so you’ll likely need to do this twice (AT LEAST) to get them all if you care. So, basically you’ll have to come back the way you came, INCLUDING making sure you take the correct paths in the trap door rooms. The box room will now require you to go all the way down the left side wall, right, up, up, right, down, right, right, down, left, left to escape, but the divided path uses the same sequence (right, right, left, right, right). If you’re looking for ID’s, there’s one in a pile of rubble outside the women’s bathroom along the left wall, one in the stairwell that leads into/out of the pit below the box trap door room, one along the skull pathway (third row, left side) and one along the skull pathway (bottom row, left side).

(DO NOTE: There is one ID tag that NO ONE seems to be able to find in Saint Maryanne’s, and this seems to be a universal issue; as of this point, GameFAQS user/XSEED employee Wyrdwad is indicating this is most likely unobtainable, unfortunately, though collecting the ID’s doesn’t actually change anything in the game so you can safely assume that you’ve 100%’ed the game if you managed to get all the rest.)

At this point, instead of taking the ladder, run out the doorway that leads back into the main school, then to the right until you get to the thin pathway, then run down it and right out to the path between the schools, and watch the ending.

NOTE: BAD END (ENDING 7): Fail to escape the school in time; alternately, pick the wrong amount of chants. Welcome to Heavenly Host Elementary School.

NOTE: ANOTHER END (ENDING 2): Take Yuka to the bathroom in the shelter. Well, THAT was both depressing and screwed up.

And that should be everything! Congratulations on completing Corpse Party!

And now, it’s time for the EX Chapters. Note that most of the EX Chapters don’t require you to do anything but take in the events of the chapter, so you’ll likely just have to watch the events to their conclusion in some cases. Some, however, require you to perform certain tasks; as such, I’ll list those here.

EX CHAPTER ONE: (Unlocked by getting the correct ending in Chapter One.)

Once you’re in control, head to the end of the bathroom and interact with the shining object to get the pink pouch, then leave; on the way out, the ghost in the bathroom stall will come out. Speak with him, then leave the bathroom for a scene. The ghost will ask for your help getting back his glasses and hat; accept to progress. Go to the girl’s room and interact with the stall all the way on the left, then follow the prompts to get the glasses. Leave the girl’s room and offer the glasses to the spirit in the boys’ room, which he declines. Leave and head out of the bathroom to the right, where a red spirit will be waiting; interact him for a hint to head downstairs.

Once downstairs, there’s another red spirit on the right; interact with him for a scene. The spirit to the west also gives you a scene to work with, and another spirit south does much the same. Ignore them and head down into the south stairwell, then interact with the item on the banister for the distinguished glasses. Head back up to the third floor, interacting with the red spirits along the way if you wish, and interact with the spirit in the boys’ room to give him his glasses.

Now to find the hat. Leave the boys’ room and a bunch of red spirits will begin moving around on the right; moving past them doesn’t seem to do anything but interacting with them deals damage to the party. Talk to the spirit on the right for a hint as to which moving spirit to talk to, then talk to that one to get the infirmary key. Head down to the second floor and off to the infirmary, then look for the hat along the right wall. As you leave there will be another scene, before you finally return the hat to the boys’ room ghost. After the scene, try to leave the bathroom to end the sequence.


EX CHAPTER TWO (Unlocked after clearing all the endings in Chapter Three):

This one isn’t too hard; head right into the hallway, then into the bathroom along the north wall for a scene. Afterwards, leave the bathroom, then try to go into the lobby for another and watch the… interesting events that wrap up this short chapter.


EX CHAPTER THREE (Unlocked this by getting the EXTRA END in Chapter Four):

Our first scene where we do nothing but watch. Okay, maybe I’m not mad at Ayumi anymore.


EX CHAPTER FOUR (Unlocked after clearing all the endings in Chapter 4):

More exposition, this time with some of the students from Byakudan Senior High. It’s funny because it’s TRUE.


EX CHAPTER FIVE (Unlocked after clearing BAD END (ENDING FOUR) in Chapter 5):

More watching events.


EX CHAPTER SIX (Unlocked by clearing Chapter Five’s True Ending):

There’s nothing to do here but watch the events unfold.


EX CHAPTER SEVEN (Unlocked by clearing BAD END (ENDING EIGHT) in Chapter Five):

More reading, more explanation of the background.


EX CHAPTER EIGHT (Unlocked after clearing BAD END (ENDING SIX) in Chapter Five):

So, uh… not EVERYONE deserves an “awwww” moment of exposition, I don’t think. Just… just saying. Ick.



Another Chapter where you just watch the events and laugh a bit.


EX CHAPTER TEN (Unlocked by clearing ANOTHER END (ENDING TWO) in Chapter Five):

Our final EX CHAPTER is another scene of exposition, which would be adorable if we didn’t know where that was going. That seems to happen a lot.


And this concludes the Diehard GameFAN Corpse Party walkthrough. I hope this was helpful for you and that you had as much fun following it as I had writing it, and again, if anything here was less than helpful, let me know in the comments or through E-mail or Twitter.



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    In the fifth chapter, you’re only attacked in the science room if you inspect the model under the sheet. If you don’t inspect it, once you grab the note and the ID tag, you’re free to leave the room without any trouble

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