Miniatures Review: Scarab Fast Attack Vehicle

Scarab Fast Attack Vehicle
Manufacturer: Combat Wombat Miniatures
Scale: 15mm
Material: Resin
Price: $6 each or 3 for $15

When I first saw visited the Combat Wombat Miniatures website, I knew exactly which model I would buy first. The Scarab Fast Attack Vehicle spoke to me. I have long had a propensity for buying dune buggies with guns and I was instantly smitten by the Combat Wombat variation on the theme.

The Scarab might come in a dime bag, but it is only $6 for one or $15 for 3. Inside the baggy are 7 resin pieces and a turned brass gun barrel. The biggest piece is the fuselage, with each wheel a separate piece. The top mounted turret is made up of two pieces and the brass barrel. The pieces were well cast, requiring only a little bit of trimming before assembly. There is no physical indicator for where the wheels go, so be prepared to either eyeball it or use a marker and ruler to make everything square. The turret assembly is a bit fiddly, since it features the two smallest components. Fitting the barrel requires a small amount of drilling on the mount, but nothing too difficult. The turret fits on a fairly non-descript flat spot on the fuselage, just behind the cockpit. It would be very easy to replace the gun assembly with a sensor array or a different weapon.

Painting the Scarab is very easy. The surfaces are big and flat, perfect for camouflage schemes. The tires are dune buggy paddles and are easy enough to make look good. For an experienced painter, the large amount of glass on the cockpit is a perfect chance to show off. Though small, the Scarab can stand out on the tabletop with a little effort.

There are multiple game play uses for the Scarab. I bought it with the intent of using it in support of my Micropanzer British SAS infantry force. Individually, the Scarab fits in well as a scout vehicle or as an outrider. With a sensor in place of the gun, the Scarab could be used to paint targets for an airstrike or an artillery barrage. In a squad of 3, the Scarab could really come into its own. Three Scarabs could act as a tank hunting unit or harry infantry flanks. With a little converting, the Scarab would be right at home in a post-apocalyptic gang’s arsenal. Put a bumper on it, and the Scarab would be an ideal zombie killing vehicle.

The Scarab is not a flashy miniature. It is, however, a flexible, paintable, convertible piece at a price that is almost too good to be true. For a near future 15mm war gamer, the Scarab is worth every bit of $6. Just watch out, it is hard to buy just one thing on the Combat Wombat web store.







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