Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hands On: Multiplayer Business Picks Up

Call Of Duty always brings an engaging storyline, but the multiplayer is where gamers get their fix. Modern Warfare 3 looks to bring the greatest multiplayer experience yet, as several new additions have been made, which can be read about here. However, there is one new mode that deserves a deeper look: Kill Confirmed.

Anyone who has ever played a multiplayer shooter can tell you the annoyance they feel when not being able to run and gun due to campers and snipers laying out and waiting to take them down. Kill Confirmed changes the game to allow those who love to run and gun to do so. As someone dies, their dog tags will glow out on the field of play. To get the kill point for your team, you have to collect those dog tags. If the opposing team gets to the tags before you, the kill is not confirmed and your team doesn’t gain the point.

What this does is remove the effectiveness of a camper or a sniper to a degree. While their team can also grab the tags for them, this game mode is best played up close and personal. If a team decides to lay back and just pick people off for points, they’re not going to win the match up. Kill Confirmed is all about making you move and making your movements count.

This is a game changer for many. Team Deathmatch is the most popular mode in Call Of Duty multiplayer. However, it can also be the most frustrating depending on whom you’re playing against. If you go to battle against a team of snipers and campers, you can barely get a quarter of the way across the map before being picked off. Kill Confirmed wipes that scenario out, essentially taunting those players that get their jollys by laying down and waiting. For them, it’s time to get up and do some work. For a great deal of gamers, it’s time to walk away from Team Deathmatch and start scooping up dog tags.

Kill streaks have become more tactical as Modern Warfare 3 is introducing the “Strike Package”, with three different types of packages to choose from. Not only that, but the gun you love is now a part of you. Here are some details:

Assault: This is essentially the same as your standard “kill em’ all” kill streak package. Rack up as many kills as you can and make it rain air strikes.

Support: Here is where we start to shake things up. With Support a player that is talented at mission based game modes can be rewarded for being the tactical genius they are. Completing objectives, such as defending a flag, planting a bomb or capturing a headquarters, will grant you points. As you build up the points, you’ll receive UAVs and more. While this package seemingly doesn’t allow you to drop the bomb on the other team, it rewards you handsomely for not going kill happy on an objective map. As an added bonus, your run of points in the Support package doesn’t reset when you die, so there is no need to hide out to save your points, go out and have fun and you’ll be rewarded!

Specialist: This is the package for those players that aren’t the “call in the choppa!” type. If you’re not interested in kill streaks and simply want to kill everything in your way, this is for you. Rather than granting a sentry gun or helicopter, this package will unlock extra perks as you rack up kills. If you die, it will reset to your standard 3. However, if you use this properly you can dominate a match. It also comes in handy on tactical matches, as if you’re playing Domination, you would rather start with Extreme Conditioning to get to the capture points faster. As you get more kills, you might be running low on ammo. At this point you can unlock Scavenger to refill. You’re no longer wasting your perks, you using them more intelligently with the Specialist package.

Most of us have a favorite gun. In Modern Warfare 3 you’ll be rewarded for staying with your favorite piece of weaponry. In what Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg described as one of his favorite new features, “Weapon Proficiencies” makes your gun get better the more you use it. The old Modern Warfare system unlocks different upgrades slowly over time, across the board for all guns. In Modern Warfare 3, it’s all about using your favorite gun. The more you use it, the more attachments will become available for it. No more waiting and unlocking by using every gun. It’s personal this time.

It’s also worth it. Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer have proven to be a damn good team and the old saying “two heads are better than one” shows in the crispness of the gameplay and all of the new features. Running on the back of Acitvision’s power, there is no way this Juggernaut is going anywhere anytime soon.



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