Tabletop Review: D-Percent – 100 Dungeon Corpses

D-Percent: 100 Dungeon Corpses
Publisher: Black Falcon Games
Release Date: 07/30/2011
Page Count: 2
Cost: $1.00
Get it Here: Drivethru RPG

Black Falcon Games (BFG) has a nice set of D-Percent lists out which are handy to have when either a specific “find” is not all-important or if a GM needs an extra idea or two to help stimulate the next idea or plot stream. This one is focused around those all too common corpses that are found lying around in the dungeons gamers are so fond of traipsing through. So many intrepid adventurers get themselves in over their heads, only to find themselves without one. BFG has come up with a nice list of settings, most of which are generic enough to fit into almost any campaign or dungeon delve, with a handful thrown in which might need a bit of forethought before revealing to the party. After all, finding a dead Dwarf with arrows in his chest would not be unusual, but finding a “nude female dwarf, grown freakishly large – too large to leave the area” might take a bit more massaging, or at least forethought of how it happened and what they might find when they start poking and prodding the corpse. There are a couple entries which did not make much sense to me, such as a catapult in a dungeon, again much too large to remove from the area. These could lead to good plot hooks as long as the GM has thought ahead before introducing them with the hows and whys involved. Several of these would even work for cross-genre or non-medieval settings with slight tweaks or discriminating selection. Cthulhu Cults (or chosen diety) could make their initial appearance from some of the sacrificial settings presented.

Most of these are brief, being only a sentence or less, but some give nice segues to subplots or red herrings. The writing style is as terse as expected from a two-page list detailing 100 discoveries, but easily gives enough detail for crafty or devious GMs to expand the scenes. They use a good variety of nouns and adjectives to give each entry its own personality, at least as much as you can with corpses. The graphics are minimal, yet clean. I did not see any creature types specific to unusual settings, so it would work for any Middle-Earth type dungeon romp.

Their lists would be a good addition to keep in any GM’s library. At only $1.00, it is very affordable and well worth the investment to pull out in a pinch.







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