Tabletop Review: D-Percent: 100 Dungeon Sounds

D-Percent: 100 Dungeon Sounds
Publisher: Black Falcon Games
Release Date: 07/29/2011
Page Count: 1
Cost: $0.75
Get it Here: Drive Thru RPG

Black Falcon Games (BFG) has a nice set of D-Percent lists which are handy to have when either a specific “find” is not all-important or a GM needs an extra idea or two to help stimulate the next idea or plot stream. This particular one is for random sounds heard while spelunking. This list is especially handy when the specific noise heard is either not critical or incorrect. Most of the noises on here are mundane enough that they could fit any corridor or room without a major epiphany, but a few should be considered before being used. If the GM chose to use “Screeching Bird,” for example, they might want to consider why there would be one flying around 50′ underground, assuming it was what the PCs actually heard. This chart would be especially useful for failed listen (or perception) checks, particularly if the players do not know if they succeeded or failed the checks. Hearing creaking hinges might stimulate the players to consider their options, only to discover that the sounds were just figments of their imagination. As with any random event generator, the GM needs to exercise caution in introducing some of the sounds into the scenario. This could lead to nice subplots if used judiciously. Take for example hearing dogs barking, only to discover it is actually Gnolls (depending on the system used).

This is a one-sheet list consisting mostly of two-word entries. There are a few that are slightly longer, but each description typically just has an adjective and noun. Some of the options are similar, yet different enough to justify getting their own limelight. The layout is easy to use, as should be expected from a list of 100 items. The graphics are minimalistic, yet clean. This one includes a crude skeleton and a ball and chain drawing in the bottom corner in addition to the usual masonry type border they use on their other D-Percent items I’ve seen. This would be a nice list for a GM of any fantasy world to keep on hand and is especially helpful because it would not be limited to dungeon adventures. Keeping it to one page makes it convenient and accessible. It is well worth the $.75 to have this list around.







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