Deus Ex: Human Revolution Controversy: Is Gamestop Tampering with New PC Game Boxes?

In a fascinating developing story this week, it seems like Gamestop is tampering with new and sealed packages of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PC.

Each new copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution comes packed with a voucher for a free digital copy of the game on the OnLive streaming game service. This is similar to the free voucher for a Steam download included in retail copies of Portal 2.

However, this time Gamestop is not “allowing” the vouchers in their stores. Instead, they are instructing employees to open up the sealed copies of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and removing the voucher, then re-sealing the game and selling it as new.

Gamestop corporate memo (image from GameSpy)

Gamestop has offered an official corporate response to this policy on their Facebook page but gamers are outraged.

Regarding the Deus Ex: Human Revolution OnLive Codes: We don’t make a habit of promoting competitive services without a formal partnership. Square Enix packed the competitor’s coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull these coupons. While the new products may be opened, we fully guarantee the condition of the discs to be new. If you find this to not be the case, please contact the store where the game was purchased and they will further assist.

Is this the start of an alarming trend of retailers tampering with new items, removing parts and selling them anyway? Are any legal boundaries being crossed by these actions? How do you feel as a gamer? Comment below!

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