Digital Tabletop: Dungeons and Dragons Online – Update 8

Attack on Stormreach, or known as Update 8, introduced a quest pack that was a direct sequel to Update 7’s free content, only you have to pay for this one. You get four new Level 13 quests, and more importantly some of those named items from the free quests can be upgraded with items from this quest pack in a special crafting area to make even more powerful items.

As a direct sequel to the free quests, this pack does a great job expanding on what’s come before without re-treading ground we’d already covered so you don’t feel like you’re doing those previous quests all over again. It is another chain of quests, so let’s take it from the top.

Back in the Lordsmarch Plaza we pick up the chain from Darmon Kosh, who will give you an end reward for completing the chain, so it’s worth talking to him first. We then head over to the entrance to Summerfield, a district we haven’t been in before as part of Stormreach, and until they rebuild it, probably not a place we’ll visit again. You see Droam has started their assault here, and not only are they using siege engines to break down the walls and doors, but they’ve resorted to using magic to teleport troops inside. You’re there to try and break up the siege, protect the Stormreach commander and rescue what troops you can before the final assault. After we stop them from coming in through the shattered Summerfield gates, we pick up Blockade Buster, and make our way to the harbor.

It seems that they’ve got three rather large boats blocking normal ship traffic into the harbor (and I hate to point this out because it is a fun quest, but there are AIRSHIPS in Eberron, so a pure water blockade is only going to be a minor annoyance at best) to stealth out on a raft and start taking out the ships. There are mines all over the place in the water, and you have to take the ships out by a number of ways. I don’t recommend hanging out in the water though when you blow them. From there we head to Undermine. They’ve tried taking the city through Summerfield, then blocking the harbor, now they’ve employed a nasty group of Kobolds to dig under the palace itself to invade that way. You fight off an initial force and then make your way into the mines, and there are a number of quick escapes and interesting fights besides.

Clearing out undermine leads us to the last quest in the chain, Siegebreaker, where we use the tunnels the Kobolds built to take the fight back to the main Droam force and the ultimate leader of the invasion, not a Medusa, but a Green Hag. Not only do you have to stop her, but solve a puzzle and take out her forces while you do it. Assault on Stormreach is a great follow-up to the free quests, offers some great named loot, opens up some combined crafting with the loot to make even better items. As a premium player who likes options, I picked this one up, especially since it completes the Lordsmarch area, and I love the variety of the quests, but it is a LOT of fighting and less puzzle-solving than we’d had before which makes it VERY easy to simply blitz these with whatever you feel like, which can be a minus or a plus depending on what kind of a group you run with.


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