Tabletop Review: Enemies of NeoExodus: Widowmaker Scarlet

Enemies of NeoExodus: Widowmaker Scarlet
Publisher: LPJ Designs
Page Count: 15
Release Date: 07/20/2011
Cover Price: $1.99
Get It Here: DrivethruRPG

This LPJ Designs product is set in their Pathfinder setting, NeoExodus. With a decidedly anime flavor, NeoExodus is a very different approach to Pathfinder. With only nine pages of text, this book is packed with content. There are three versions of Widowmaker Scarlet: the Undead Horror (CR 15), the Aberrant Witch (CR 18), and the Primeval Evil (CR 20). More than just different power levels, these are three separate interpretations of the Widowmaker. There are four included spells, which would be perfect for a necromancy oriented NPC. The new Creature Type, First One Subtype, is very NeoExodus specific and of limited utility. Then there is the real star of this book: the falchion Singiver. A powerful, chaotic evil sword permanently linked to the Widdowmaker Scarlet, Singiver can be the crux of a number of adventures, ultimately leading to an encounter, or several, with the Widowmaker herself.

What I want from this sort of book is at least three good ideas. The Singiver has a one page description, but that easily counts as one good idea. The two pages of rumours and innuendo about the Widowmaker and her origins push the idea count way over the minimum. While the crunchy bits would require a fair bit of conversion and fiddling, I think the majority of material is fluffy enough to be system and setting neutral. Most settings and campaigns have room for a mysterious witch or demon that fights the establishment.

The production values are to a first party quality level, from the eye-catching cover to the full-color layout. Of particular note is clear two column layout, which makes judicious use of color and fonts to make the content more accessible. This seems like a small thing, but I have seen it done incorrectly enough times to really appreciate a well made product such as this. The inclusion of the very nice NeoExodus character sheet, Combat & Initiative Tracker, and Monster cards is one I whole-heartedly support.



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