E3 2011 Impressions: Sound Shapes (Playstation Vita)

The most scaled down game demoed for Playstation Vita at E3 2011 was Sony’s Sound Shapes. Designed and developed by only one guy, Sound Shapes shows the potential for smaller, indie games to thrive on the high tech Vita.

At its core, Sound Shapes controls like an old school 2D platformer. The player takes control of a spiny circle that moves by rotating across platforms. By pressing square, the spines retract, making the circle a slippery ball that can move quickly.

Graphically, Sound Shapes could appear on a less powerful console. It has a simple color palette with bold, solid colors. The look is artsy and unique, but doesn’t press the power of the Vita.

In video there was a level creator and editor shown as well, which could add additional depth and value to the package.

While not stunning or amazing at its face, just its presence in this early presentation is promising for small developers to find a home on Vita.

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  1. jonathan mak Avatar
    jonathan mak

    hi, this was not created by one person. it is a collaboration between myself and I Am Robot And Proud. we also have a team back in toronto helping us.

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