E3 2011 Impressions: Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS)

In addition to the Sonic Generations being released on Sony PS3 and Xbox 360, Sega is preparing a unique version to appear on Nintendo 3DS as well.

Whereas the console version of Sonic Generations has a co-focus on old school 2D levels and new school 3D levels, the portable version takes a slightly different tact, having the same style of 2D classic levels, but altering the modern levels. Rather than being sprawling full 3D levels akin to Sonic Adventure or Sonic Colors, the portable version has modern levels that feel more like the latest Sonic portable games like Sonic Rush.

In the build at E3, the Green Hill zone is shown much like in the console version. The classic level allows Sonic to speed through the zone, allowing only for classic-style mechanics such as the charged spin dash. This level felt similar to the console version, with a focus on speed and platforming.

The modern version of the level features boost as well as the homing jump, which brings the gameplay up to date with Nintendo DS era Sonic games. While the game does not utilize both screens like the Rush series (the developers said this was because only the top screen could be shown in 3D), the use of the homing jump on enemies and jump pads make the 2D gameplay feel different in the modern style than in the classic style.

The 3D effect is used well, adding layers of parallax-style backgrounds and depth. Since the gameplay largely takes place on a 2D plane, the 3D is more of a visual effect than having a major impact on the way the game is played.

Outside of the Green Hill Zone, Sega says that each of the levels in the 3DS version will be exclusive to the portable, with a focus on re-creating experiences from the portable games over the years.

The 3DS version of Sonic Generations feels like it might be even more popular with classic Sonic fans than the next-generation console version, with a focus on 2D and speed in both classic and modern styles.

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