E3 2011 Impressions: Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games (Nintendo Wii)

Sega is once again teaming up with Nintendo to bring together Sonic and Mario for an Olympics Games celebration. This time it will be for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, UK.

Building on the success of the last two entries in the series, the 2012 version ramps up the non-Olympics content in a big way, to add value to the long-term playability of the title.

In addition to the Olympic events and Dream events, there is an all new mode called London Party Mode. Taking a cue from games like Mario Party, London Party Mode allows up to four players to compete in a mini-game adventure that takes place on a small city replica of London. Players will play mini games, some Olympic and Dream events and an occasional Boss Battle to earn stickers. The person who earns the most stickers, wins the mode.

At E3 2011, there were five events playable on the floor.

Olympic Events – these are events that mimic real-life Olympics events, or at least as close as Mario/Sonic representations come.

Badminton – set up much like a tennis court, this allows up to four players in a simple badminton contest.

Canoeing – using large sweeping motions with the Wii Remote, players replicate the rowing to build speed in a race.

Equestrian – using the Wii Remote to jump, players control a horse on a railed track to earn points.

Dream Events – these are events that may remind the player of a real event, but taken off the reality track and into the video game world to maximize fun.

Disc – each player jumps on a round disc that spins and sends the player soaring into the air. Using the Wii Remote, the player must collect rings and avoid other enemies and obstacles.

Long Jump – although similar in name to an Olympic event, the Long Jump sends all players into a platform-like mini game to reach the end.

It’s shaping up to be a worthy entry in the series. Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Games is set for a release on Nintendo Wii this November.

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