E3 2011 Impressions: Kirby Wii (Nintendo Wii)

Nintendo has been over-serving fans of 2D platformers on the Wii in the last couple years, with amazing new entries in the Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Wario and Kirby series gracing the Wii.

While the focus is on the future – WiiU – Nintendo still has a couple tricks up its sleeves for current-gen Wii owners, including this all new Kirby title.

Last year, Nintendo took Kirby in a wacky new direction, turning him to Yarn in Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Unlike that game, this new Kirby Wii game is old school Kirby, with lush, colorful graphics in traditional Kirby settings. The characters are all detailed and animate well, and the levels were super bright and colorful.

The E3 demo allowed up to four players to play, taking control of Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and a Waddle Doo. Much like New Super Mario Brothers Wii, the focus is on the multiplayer, but the game can be played single player as well.

As is tradition, Kirby can use his power of suck to eat up enemies and adopt their powers. In the E3 demo alone, Kirby had a number of transformations, including an all-new powerup that basically turns Kirby into a wrecking machine, wielding a gigantic sword that can take out enemies and environmental elements alike.

The other characters cannot suck in powers like Kirby can, but each has his own weapon, with King Dedede wielding a hammer and Meta Knight brandishing a sword. In the limited play time on the E3 showfloor, Kirby Wii is looking to be a Kirby fan service.

It will be nice to have another Kirby adventure on the current Wii later this year, and the graphics are really bright and burst with color.

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