E3: Impressions of Bloodrayne Betrayal (Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360)

E3: Impressions of Bloodrayne Betrayal

We got to meet with some of the developers from Way Forward about the game Bloodrayne Betrayal, an upcoming downloadable game being published by Majesco.

To put it simply, it was fucking awesome.

Now, I’ve played the previous Bloodrayne games, and if you were a big fan of those, let me stop you and say that aside from character inspiration and name, this has nothing to do with those games. Which is fine by me, because one was okay and the other was boring. Instead, Way Forward decided to make a side scrolling action game, being one of the premier developers of side scrolling games right now, and fill it with balls to the wall action and gore.

Now being a 2D action game with a sort of vampire main character, I’m sure people will compare it to Castlevania, or the Metroidvania style games. The developers were quick to assure us that this isn’t that kind of game; it instead is a mostly linear action game. This is not a bad thing at all from what I’ve seen. As someone who loves hard 2D action games, Bloodrayne Betrayal seems like it was made directly for someone like me.

They showed the first level to us, dashing around the screen, cutting off heads with fountains of blood, hopping off of enemies and pretty much painting the screen red with beautifully drawn viscera. The game is just jaw dropping to watch in action. Rayne is stunningly detailed, hand drawn in such a way that she is less of a gratuitous sex symbol and more like a sort of deadly lady who would cut you in half and then drink tea after (as was actually shown in the game). Watching the game made it look easy, and the developer handed the controller to me in order to let me get a hands on impression.

I died right away. Then I died again a little after that. That was not because the game was imbalanced, but merely because it has a bit of a learning curve, and the game itself controls as smoothly as it is animated. Bloodrayne Betrayal is just not an easy game, and was intended for a mature audience. Yet for all the gore, the game is going to be released with a T-rating, something that the developers seemed almost disappointed by. They said that this was meant to be their first M-rated game.

Regardless of the rating, I want to play more of this game, like, right now. It is expected to be available this fall.







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