E3 2011 Impressions: Trine 2 (Sony PS3/PC)

In 2009, developer Frozenbyte brought out a surprising and beautiful 2.5D platformer with Trine. It ultimately appeared on both PC and PS3, but not Xbox 360.

Now 2 years later, the sequel is in the works. Trine 2 looks to build on the successes of the original with a sequel formula of more and better.

The most striking upgrade appears to be in the graphics, where Frozenbyte has taken the gorgeous scenery of the first game and boosted it substantially. The environments burst with animation and color, and seem to glow off the screen. Even though the action is set on a 2D plane, like the original, there are more foreground settings to interact with as well as deeper backgrounds.

Gameplay-wise, Trine 2 seems to continue the Lost Vikings-like 3 player action platforming. Players can switch between three playable characters, all with different abilities. The game supports up to three players playing simultameously, each picking one of the characters.

The E3 2011 demo featured 2 levels, the first two levels of the game. At the start, the player can control the wizard, then quickly find both the knight and the mage. Each of the characters returns to their default abilities from Trine 1, and presumably the upgrades will come through playing again.

Trine 2 is scheduled for release later this year for PS3, PC and possibly Xbox 360 although that doesnt appear to be confirmed.






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