E3 2011 Impressions: Super Mario 3D (Nintendo 3DS)

Nintendo teased the return of Mario’s raccoon tail in their E3 2010 presentation, promising a new Mario game on 3DS.

At E3 2011, Nintendo officially unveiled the new game, thus far called Super Mario 3D.

In many ways, Super Mario 3DS looks and feels like a direct sequel to Super Mario 64. The game is set in full 3D, unlike recent Mario entries like New Super Mario Bros.

The graphics looked good, although maybe below other first party titles shown. It felt more like an evolution of Mario 64‘s graphical style rather than a Galaxy-like graphical improvement. The 3D was well done, and will definitely be a help in determining depth in some tricky 3D platforming/jumping sequences.

The demo at E3 2011 had four levels playable, and I was able to demo two of the levels so far today.

In World 2-2, Mario is put in a basic level to show off the raccoon tail. After taking out some goombas, the tail is reachable and turns Mario into a full brown suit with tail. Like in Super Mario Bros 3, Mario can spin, and the tail creates a radius that hits blocks, enemies and more.

In World 3-3, Mario is sent into more of a sky world, with green (!) switches that unfold platforms, jumps and hazards. It was more of a pure platforming experience, with jumping, dodging and moving platforms.

Super Mario 3D was really fun in my limited time with the game, showing that a 3D mario game brought to 3DS can work.






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