Unboxing: Mortal Kombat: Kollector’s Edition

For those of you who haven’t picked up your own copy of Mortal Kombat yet, or for those who decided to pass on Kollector’s Edition of the game in favour of the standard or Tournament editions, I thought I’d do a quick unboxing piece for all of you. I personally passed on the Tournament Edition because I have enough fight sticks as it is, and the two bookends looked awesome.


This is the packaging for the game, still sealed and unopened.

This is the back of the box. It’s basically a giant picture of Raiden along with promo bits about the game along with what all is in the box.

This is the entire package lifted out of the box. Nothing more.

Here are the books just on their own. They’re very detailed, but they are also made of a somewhat flimsy plastic. I would NOT use these for a bookcase filled with large heavy hardcovers like dictionaries of the complete works of Shakespeare.

Here’s a close up shot of both of the bookends. You can see the level of detail that went into these.

This is the Scorpion bookend next to a normal sized generic bookend you can pick up from a Barnes and Noble or the like. You’ll notice that these things are huge and will also take up a lot more room on a shelf than a regular bookend that is merely used to hold things up.

Here’s everything else that comes with the Kollector’s Edition. You have the game, the hardcover artbook and its slipcover, the Kombat Pass that lets you play online, the code for the Ermac costume, and a code for two PS3 themes and three avatars. I am currently using Scorpion for mine instead of my usual Chibi-Akuma.

Here is a shot of the artbook on its own outside of the slipcover.

Finally, here’s a shot of one of the pages in the artbook. This one focuses on Reptile. The artbook is gorgeous and I actually think it’s the best piece of the collection – even moreso than the bookends. There is a ton of detail about the game along with a lot of shots of each playable character. There are even comparison shots of the levels in the game with how they looked in previous MK titles. very nice.

Overall this wasn’t a bad purchase. I usually don’t go for a collector’s edition of a game, but I’ll get a lot of use out of the bookends and art book. Everything else is just gravy on top of it. It’s up there with the Arkham Asylum and Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Editions. For $99.99, you’re getting a $60 game, bookends that would cost at least $50 on their own, a bunch of PS3 codes and a high quality artbook. You’te definitely getting your money’s worth here.



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