Pokémon Black and White: The Strongest Trainers – Alder, Morimoto and Cynthia!

After you’ve beaten the game, defeated Team Plasma and generally saved the day, you’re probably not going to be surprised to learn that the game keeps going once the credits have finished rolling. While there is a lot to see and do still in Pokémon Black and White, chief amongst these things are three extra powerful Trainers that you have yet to do battle with. One is the Unova Pokémon Champion Alder, the second is the one time Sinnoh Pokémon Champion Cynthia, and the third is a newcomer to the video games, but he’s certainly no stranger to Pokémon. Let’s take a look at these three powerful trainers and what you’ll have to overcome in order to beat them.

Pokémon Champion Alder

You won’t fight Alder the first time you make it past the Elite Four. Something will happen story-wise to prevent your confrontation, but after you beat the main story of the game, you’ll get a chance to face down the Elite Four, and after that, you’ll finally get your chance to become Pokémon Champion. Of course, to do so you’ll have to beat the current Champion Alder.

Alder’s Pokémon are very high level, but three of his six are Bug type Pokémon and one is Pure Ice, so that makes things pretty easy compared to previous Champions. Fire is your friend here as it will obliterate three of Alder’s Pokémon easily. Flying, Fighting and Rock moves are also great here, and his Dragon is easy to deal with if you use Ice and Dragon attacks. Here is his lineup.

Pokémon #1: Accelgor (Level 75 -Bug)
Moveset: Bug Buzz, Energy Ball, Focus Blast, Me First

Pokémon #2: Bouffalant (Level 75 -Normal)
Moveset: Earthquake, Head Charge, Megahorn, Stone Edge

Pokémon #3: Druddigon (Level 75 – Dragon)
Moveset: Night Slash, Outrage, Payback, Superpower

Pokémon #4: Vanilluxe (Level 75 – Ice)
Moveset: Acid Armour, Blizzard, Flash Cannon, Light Screen

Pokémon #5: Escavalier (Lever 75 – Bug/Steel)
Moveset: Aerial Ace, Giga Impact, Iron Head, X-Scissor

Pokémon #6: Volcarona (Level 77 – Bug/Fire)
Moveset: Bug Buzz, Hyper Beam, Overheat, Quiver Dance


The ex-Sinnoh Pokémon Champion Cynthia has a place in Umbrella Town that you can find. The catch is that she is only there in the Spring and Summer. Although the level of her Pokémon are the same as Alder’s, she boasts a much harder lineup due to its diversity of Types and movesets. Notice most of Cynthia’s team are the same Pokemon that she used in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, so if you’ve beaten her there, you should have a good idea how to beat her here.

Pokémon #1: Spiritomb (Level 75 – Ghost/Dark)
Moveset: Double Team, Sucker Punch, Shadow Ball, Will-o-Wisp

Pokémon #2: Milotic (Level 75 – Water)
Moveset: Blizzard, Dragon Tail, Hydro Pump, Smooth Over

Pokémon #3: Lucario (Level 75 – Fighting/Steel)
Moveset: Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Dragon Pulse, Extremespeed

Pokémon #4: Braviary (Level 75 – Normal/Flying)
Moveset: Brave Bird, Crush Claw, Retaliate, Shadow Claw

Pokémon #5: Elektross (Level 75 – Electric)
Moveset: Crunch, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Wild Charge

Pokémon #6: Garchomp
Moveset: Crunch, Dragon, Rush, Earthquake, Stone Edge

Shigeki Morimoto

Called GameFreak Morimoto in the game, this Pokémon Trainer is actually based on a real life staff member of Game Freak who is best known as the creator of Mew. If you go to Castelia City, you’ll find Game Freak headquarters. Go on up to the 22nd floor and there you’ll encounter Morimoto-kun. You can face him once a day. He’s not as hard as Cynthia, but he’s still a tough customer. I was kind of sad he didn’t have a Mew on his team, as it’s only appropriate.

Pokémon #1: Simipour (Level 75 -Water)
Moveset: Acrobatics, Crunch, Payback, Surf

Pokémon #2: Simisear (Level 75 – Fire)
Moveset: Acrobatics, Crunch, Flamethrower, Payback

Pokémon #3: Simisage (Level 75 0 Grass)
Moveset: Acrobatics, Crunch, Energy Ball, Payback

Pokémon #4: Liepard (Level 75 -Dark)
Moveset: Grass Knot, Fake Out, Night Slash, Sucker Punch

Pokémon #5: Swoobat (Level 75 – Psychic/Flying)
Moveset: Air Slash, Endeavor, Psychic, Psycho Shock

Pokémon #6: Zebstrika (Level 77 – Electric)
Moveset: Flame Charge, Giga Impact, Pursuit, Wild Charge



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