Pokémon Black and White: Obtaining Zorua and Zoroark

Sometimes GameFreak comes up with some downright insane ways to get a Pokémon. Perhaps the most difficult yet are the hoops you have to jump through for Zorua and Zoroark. Because these two were the first Generation V Pokémon revealed, they are already some of the most sought after and unfortunately they are also some of the most frustrating to get. In fact, unless you follow this guide EXACTLY, you won’t be able to get either Pokémon and even then, you had to have done some pretty intricate steps before Pokémon Black and White was even released. Let’s go through the entire process know to make sure you’ll be able to get both Zorua and Zoroark for your collection.

First of all, you have to have collected four specific Pokémon from an EB Games/Gamestop Wi-Fi event. Three of this Pokémon (Shiny Raikou, Shiny Entei and Shiny Suicune) will help you unlock Zoroark. You only need to have one of them, so don’t worry if you downloaded two of the three or even a single one. You’ll still be able to get Zoroark. The fourth Pokémon is Celebi, which you needed to download from a similar event. In fact, the event just ended on March 6th, so if you recently picked up a Celebi from your local Gamestop, you’re set!

Now, as the only way to have downloaded these Pokémon was through a copy of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or Soul Silver, you’re going to have to transfer these Pokémon over to your new copy of Pokémon Black and White. However you can’t just transfer your Pokémon over through the Poketransfer process that unlocks after you beat the main game. In fact DO NOT USE THAT AT ALL WITH THESE FOUR POKEMON! If you do, so you will lose the ability to unlock the Zorua and Zoroark events. Instead you’re going to have to unlock a brand new way of transferring these Pokémon over called the Relocator. The Relocator only works on these Pokémon, but the good news is that you can transfer them over at any time, even long before you unlock the Poketransfer process.

Now unlocking the Relocator option is a bit of work in and of itself. First you’re going to have to go to Castelia City. Much like in previous games, you will have to find someone who asks you for a special phrase. You might recall this from trying to unlock things like Mystery Gift. The phrase this man is looking for is “Everyone Happy Simply Connection.” Once you say these four words to him, the Relocator option will open in the main menu of the game.

Now you’re going to need two DS’. One for the cart with your special Pokémon on it, and the other for with your cart of either Pokémon Black or Pokémon White. Choose the Relocator option and start to transfer Pokémon over. To access the Zorua event, choose Celebi and to access the Zoroark event, send over a single member of the Legendary Roaming Trio. You can send the other two over (if you have them) after the event.

Now that you’ve down ALL OF THAT, you can start to trigger the events that let you gain access to Zorua and Zoroark. Whew!


Zorua is actually pretty easy to get. Once you’ve transferred Celebi over to your copy of Pokémon Black or White Then head on over to Castelia City. In fact, if you’re doing this right after you’ve activated the Relocator option, you’re already there! At one of the gates to the city, you’ll find a new character to talk to. Make sure you talk to him while Celebi is in your party. Once you do so, Celebi will pop out of its Pokeball and Zorua will reveal itself. Then watch the dialogue and eventually Zorua will be given to you by its Trainer. It will be a level 10 male Zorua and although it was given to you by another Trainer, it will have your Trainer ID# attached to it. Remember you can breed Zorua and eventually evolve it into Zoroark if you don’t have any of the shiny Johto trio.


Once you transfer over one of the Roaming Trio, you’ll be able to access a new area known as the Lostlorn Forest. You’ll also be told about a Pokémon with the ability to create illusions. Enter the forest with your newly transferred over Legend in your party and you’ll receive an event. Here in the Lostlorn Forest, you’ll encounter one of the other members of the trio based on who is in your party. If you have Suicune for example, you’ll encounter Raikou. Once you attack it though, you’ll discover it is actually a level 25 female Zoroark. Once combat is initiated, you’ll only have this one chance to catch it, so make sure you have a lot of Pokeballs!

…and there we go. Now that you know the full (and somewhat insane) process to activate the Zorua and Zoroark events, you should have two fine new additions to your Pokémon collection!



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  1. james Avatar

    I like pokemon and its cool

  2. Gaunt 007 Avatar
    Gaunt 007

    This isn’t to clear to me do you need one of the trio to get Zorua?

    E-mail me plz

  3. NotJames Avatar

    James, I’m not sure your comment brings anything to this conversation. I’m glad you like Pokemon, but please. Spare us the filler.

    @Gaunt 007
    You only need one, if I’m correct.

  4. Alex Lucard Avatar

    Yes. You only need one of the three.

  5. M18 Avatar

    I don’t know how to do this since the old DS wifi network was taken down some years ago.

    I also had no idea about the Shiny legendary beasts and all that when I got diamond and later soul silver?

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