Pokémon Black and White: Legendary Locations!

Unlike Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and the HeartGold and SoulSilver remakes, you won’t be able to normally obtain legends from previous title. In fact, the only Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Black and White are ones new to the game and thus unique to Unova. That being said, there are a whopping THIRTEEN legends to find and collect. Use this guide to help you find them all, complete your Pokedex and wallop your friends.

Roaming Legends

Yes, they are a pain in the butt to collect, but roaming Legendary Pokémon have become a staple since Generation II and the triad of Raikou, Entei and Suicuine. Thankfully you only have two to deal with in Pokémon Black and White. However much like Latios and Latias, there is only one roaming Pokémon per game. Which one you’ll have to hunt down and catch depends on which game you have. The good news is that the method for triggering, encountering and stalking both of these Legends is exactly the same. The only thing that differs are the Pokémon themselves.

Tornadus and Thundurus

Tornadus is a pure Flying Pokémon while Thundurus is a Flying/Electric dual type. Tornadus will be your roaming Pokémon is you are playing Pokémon Black Thundurus will be your target if you have Pokémon White.

In the case of both Pokémon, you have to collect all eight Gym Badges in order to trigger the roaming Pokémon event. Once you have all eight badges, head towards Route 10. From there you’ll be told about a strange weather pattern occurring in Route 7. Once you reach Route 7, you’ll be invited into a particular house. Once you leave however, either Tornadus or Thundrus will be waiting for you. A scene will unfold and it will then fly off. Unlike previous roaming Pokémon that travelled the entire region that the game took place in, both Thundurus and Tornadus have a specific pattern they follow. You’ll find them in the southern part of Unova during the day and the northern parts by night. It’ll still be tricky to track them, but nowhere as aggravating as previous roamers.

Stationary Legends

The following eight Pokémon don’t roam. They stay put and you’ll always be able to find them at this location. Remember you only get one shot at catching these though.

Reshiram and Zekrom

Unlike all other Legendary Pokémon, you HAVE to catch either Reshiram (Pokémon Black) or Zekrom (Pokémon Black). In fact, the game will not continue unless you do so. This will be a story related event in N’s Castle. However if, by some means, you have a full party and every slot in your PC is full, you will not be able to catch your particular Legend. Instead, you’ll have to wait for the credits to roll and then head over to Dragonspiral Tower where it will await you to be caught like any other Legendary Pokémon. Note that the likelihood of you needing to go this route is almost non-existent, but it’s nice to see Game Freak programmed a failsafe in case of a weird occurrence like the one I described. I should also point out it is impossible to get a Shiny version of the Legendary Pokémon through the Dragonspiral Tower. The game is programmed to only let you have a chance at a shiny Zekrom or Reshiram through the story event.


Cobalion is a level 42 Steel/Fighting Pokémon and the first of the Legendary Fighting Trio in the game. To catch Cobalion, you’re going to need to get the HM Surf. Once you’ve applied it to a Pokémon, travel over to Route 6 and the Mistralton Cave. Inside the cave, you’ll find a man who will tell you about the Legendary Fighting Trio, which triggers the three Pokémon. He’ll also tell you that one is at the very end of the cave. It’s pretty straight forward from there.


Terrakion is a level 42 Rock/Fighting Pokémon. It is the second of the Fighting Trio and it awaits you on Victory Road. Near the end of Victory Road, you’ll discover that a new cave has opened up once you talked to the man in Mistralton Cave (see above). Enter this new cave along with a Pokémon that knows Strength, and you’ll be able to find and hopefully capture Terrakion.


Virizion is a level 42 Grass/Fighting Pokémon and it is the third and final member of the Legendary Fighting Trio. After triggering the appearance of the Legendary Trio, a new area in Pinwheel Forest will open up. This new area is on the very eastern end of the Forest. Enter it and you will find a clearing with Virizion waiting for you. You know the deal from there!


Kyurem is a level 75(!) Ice Dragon Pokémon and the third part of the Tao trio with Zekrom and Reshiram. At some point, you’ll head north of Route 13 and discover a new area, known as the Great Chasm, has opened up. The area is a forest save for the lake near the middle. When you approach that, you’ll hear something screech and the lake will be transformed into ice. Keep going north and you’ll find a cave. Inside the cave is Kyurem. Remember, it’s a pretty high level Pokémon so be prepared when you fight it as you’ll only get this one chance.

The Difficult Ones

The next five Legendary Pokémon are the hardest ones to get in the game. One can only be triggered through trading a cart exclusive Legend from one game to another where you have that version’s exclusive and the others can only be obtained with the help of the a special event you’ll have to get at a Pokémon giveaway in the near future. Let’s look at both so you can at least be prepared when the time finally comes.


In order to trigger Landorus’ appearance in your game, you’ll have to have both Tornadus and Thundurus on your team. This mean you’ll have to trade with someone has a different cart than you or else trade with yourself if you own both Black and White. Once you have both roaming Pokémon, you’ll have to put both on your team and travel to Route 14. Head to the Abundant Shrine and this will cause Landorus, a Level 70 Ground/Flying Pokémon to attack you.


Victini is a level 15 Psychic/Fire Pokémon that you can encounter at any time, but only if you have the Liberty Pass item. This item can only be received through a Wi-Fi event, and those tend to only happen at a Gamestop or Toys R Us for a single week, so keep your eyes and ears open for when that event occurs.

Once you have a Liberty Pass, you’ll be able to go to Liberty Island via a boat in Castelia City. Once on the island, you’ll have to make it through a gauntlet of Team Plasma members to reach Victini. Then it’s a matter of battling and catching this legend for yourself.

Keldeo, Melotta & Genesect

These three Pokemon are also Legends that can only be access through wi-fi events. Unfortunately their events haven’t even occured in Japan yet, so mum’s the word on how to progress through them.

There you have it – a quick and easy guide to capturing all ten Legendary Pokémon in Unova. How many can you get?



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  2. poke fan Avatar
    poke fan

    Dude!!! That was useful you helped me obtain the trio of the three
    Legendaries in those chambers but I’m still trying to find the ice and
    Dragon one when I walk up to that dock thing the lake never freezes
    And when I enter the cave I can’t find it even out of the cave and into that forest part

  3. zekrom Avatar

    zekrom is hard to catch.i’ve been trying to catch him since i got white version=)

  4. cameron Avatar

    i got all the pokemon exept tornadus and landorus when i went to route i dont no only thunderous appeared i caught it after a while but i need tornadus so i can go to landourous shrine

  5. zekrom owner Avatar
    zekrom owner

    i caught zekrom with the masterball you get from pro. juniper

  6. daniel Avatar

    does any one have tepigs last envoled

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  8. gamefreak Avatar

    there is one more legendary:Volcarona

    1. Alex Lucard Avatar

      Volcarona is not a legendary Pokemon. It’s a final evolution.

  9. gamefreak Avatar

    Volcarona is in the relic castle

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