Interview with Cholera

I had the opportunity to speak to Cholera, a hilarious english language StarCraft commentator, about the state of international competition, the upcoming release of StarCraft 2 and what it will mean to the sport, and what makes a pro player.

Additionally, he provided a list of his favorite StarCraft matches:

A few more videos:

Since people have short memories, you should include the hilarious Hyuk v Upmagic from May 2009 to remind everyone of how hilariously bad he was before the Miracle:

  • Xiaozi v Satanik (50 minute Zerg v Zerg and one of my favorite non-Korean games):
  • Flash v GGPlay Set 3 [2008 Incruit OSL Round of 8] (you can hear three commentators’ jaws hit the floor):
  • Do note that many of these matches are multi-part getting around the 10 minute youtube video limitation. The next part should be in the video response section below the video. Cholera can be contracted contacted at his youtube channel.







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