Devil Survivor Overclocked Announced For 3DS

Atlus put out a press release today announcing that Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked will be released in North America sometime in September for the 3DS. The new version of the game is set to expand upon the original with voice acting for the entire narrative as well as additional, eighth chapter that serves as an epilogue. There’s no word as to whether 3D will feature into the game, but other than those additions, it’s the same game that came out for the DS in 2009. There is a website for the game, but so far it’s just an index page with “WEBSITE COMING SOON” on it.

Alex Lucard reviewed the game when it came out, and absolutely loved it.

It seems to me like this is a tide-over title while Atlus works out what’s going on with Innocent Sin and possibly Catherine as well for stateside release (though Catherine sounds like a perfect candidate for an AO rating). Devil Survivor is a great game, but it’s also less than two years old. Does it really need a remake?






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  1. Samuraiter Avatar

    (I suspect that Catherine is not as edgy as everybody seems to think it is.) Tide-over or not, getting a new SMT title on the 3DS (almost) from the get-go is a big boost to the launch library. Except I now have to ask myself why I bought the original for DS. Might have to trade that in.

  2. Christopher Bowen Avatar

    I think a lot of people are asking themselves that about Atlus. At least the people with about six different copies of Persona 3 lying around are.

    As for Catherine, I think it’s somewhat telling that it got a CERO C rating. That said, never underestimate America’s puritanical social standards, which the ESRB is forced to bend their knees to.

  3. Sean Madson Avatar
    Sean Madson

    I think Atlus would rather edit the game than take on the AO rating, which is unfortunate, but is better than retail suicide.

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