EA Sports Patch News: NHL ’11, FIFA ’11, EA MMA

There’s a lot of news about patches for EA’s latest games. Let’s go over them in one big happy post:

* NHL ’11’s patch went up early Tuesday morning for PS3 users, and will go live on Nov. 12th for 360 users. A full list of changes can be found here. I have played with the patch, and the game feels a little looser than it did before. There’s more loose pucks, and it seems easier to jar the puck loose from players. Gameplay seems to have been slowed down a touch (it had gotten faster due to tuner sets). The big change for people like me who do a lot of franchise modes is that the 1500 XP glitch for Be a GM mode is gone. I tested this briefly in my existing BAGM mode, and noticed that while the cap was gone, points still weren’t being spent, as Jarome Iginla had 3,165 points. I am testing with a new franchise, and noticed right off the bat that there’s a LOT less experience being given out than before. I also have not tested the patch online. If I notice anything game-breaking, I’ll report it.

* FIFA ’11’s patch goes live on Nov. 12th for the PS3 and the 17th (next Wednesday) for the 360. A full report of what’s available is at EA’s forums, though the biggest deals that seem to be fixed are the “micro pausing” that was going on online, the online exploits, and the way player growth was done in Manager Mode. Online stability is going to be the big deal here, and I see no report of that being improved, though the report isn’t very specific on a lot of things. I’ll report via comments if the patch actually works for that purpose next week, as this is the reason I gave the game our worst rating in Miscellaneous when I reviewed it.

* EA MMA’s patch isn’t ready to drop yet, but a list of changes was posted to EA’s forums. I haven’t personally played EA MMA farther than the demo, but judging by the reaction at Operation Sports, response to the patch is tepid at best, though response is more muted at EA’s forums, where they tend to let discussion run its natural course.






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