Microsoft Increases Kinect Sales Forecast

Microsoft has increased their forecast of how many of their Kinect devices they look to sell in this quarter, upping the number to five million units, up from three million previously. The number is based around pre-sales, retail orders and consumer interest, and would be Microsoft’s most successful launch ever of an Xbox product.

The system is being sold at $150 USD as a stand-alone device, and as two separate bundles: a model with a 4GB hard drive for $299, and one with a 250GB hard drive for $399. All three SKUs will come packaged with the game Kinect Adventures. The system is being launched on the 4th, with 5,000 retailers being opened for midnight launches, including a launch event at Toys “R” Us in Times Square, which all start literally when this article hits press.

Microsoft is putting a heavy marketing push behind the body-scanning device. They have been reported to be spending $500m on marketing the device, including appearances on mainstream shows such as The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the device was shown off this morning on Good Morning America. This, combined with comments made by Microsoft’s David McLean in regards to the “core” audience and Aaron Greenberg’s admission that there will likely not be a correlation between review scores and sales figures, pretty clearly indicate that Microsoft is aiming hard at the same casual market that drove the Wii to such astronomical heights before sales started to decline this year.






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