Vince Desi Slams CA Games Law Proponents For Picking On Postal Franchise

On the eve of the first hearings in the Schwarzenegger v. EMA, Running With Scissors, the makers of the Postal series of games that have been singled out by some as proof that the industry needs government regulation, have put out a press release emphasizing their take on the situation.

As we chronicled recently, Postal 2 was mostly a response to how politicians and special interest groups reacted to the first Postal. California State Senator Leland Yee used the game as a specific example as to why he sponsored the law in the first place. In response, Vince Desi, CEO of Running with Scissors, decided to lash out in the game’s defence.

“Hypocrisy reigns again, the media and the game industry have chosen to put the spotlight on us and put us in the hot seat, and make POSTAL their whipping boy. It’s important that we at RWS speak and be heard from, given the totally misleading and inaccurate article that appeared in the Wall St Journal back in 1997 and has been relentlessly repeated in the years since, becoming urban legend despite the fact that the story is almost entirely fantasy. The press, parents, politicians, and political puppets are missing the real issue here – it isn’t virtual game characters, but the Constitution that is being shredded.”

The press release went on to criticize politicians who are attacking an eight year old game taking what was called a “satiric” look at how sad political correctness had become, and the games industry, who “historical willingness of the game industry to hide behind the 12-year-old POSTAL franchise only to find they now have to defend it”.

Mr. Desi, in my opinion, is correct on a few things. The California Games Law is bad law, and a lot of the people attacking Postal don’t know what they’re talking about. Furthermore, as much as I despise Postal 2 – I was the one that nominated it for our Hall of Shame – I defend Mr. Desi’s right to produce the game.

With that stated, it’s a bit hypocritical for Mr. Desi to criticize people for all the hate Postal 2 receives when the game set out specifically to offend people. Senator Yee is right; you CAN urinate on a woman and then ignite her on fire. In fact, a lot of the things that were put into the game were put in specifically to instigate the people that criticized the first Postal game. For Vince Desi to complain now is a lot like a kid who keeps throwing spitballs at someone crying because he finally got punched in the face.






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