E3 2010 First Impressions: WWE All Stars (Xbox 360)

THQ unveiled an all new WWE game at E3, featuring arcade style gameplay and totally cartoonish models. WWE All Stars appears to be an arcade take on WWE, bringing the already fantastical world of WWE into even crazier territory.

The demo on display on the show featured John Cena vs. The Rock. Both did short entrances for the demo, coming out on the ramp to their music and doing a pose. It’s unclear whether the full game will feature these abbreviated intros or full intros.

Graphically it looks to be the same engine as SVR, but the wrestlers look as if they have been pumped with air and are gigantic and puffy and roided up. They are ultra detailed and look great, with the Rock’s sideburns and Cena’s signature jeans shorts.

The gameplay is stripped down, with buttons mapped for punch/kick and some grabs. There doesn’t seem to be a complex system of grappling and reversals and some of the methodical nature of the SVR games, focusing purely on action and arcade-style gameplay.

Should be interesting to see if this game can capture a different spirit of WWE wrestling in video game form, or will be more like a cousin to the main game like Legends of Wrestlemania turned out to be.

We’ll have tons more on WWE All Stars in the coming days, weeks and months.






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  3. Travis Avatar

    Yeah, these guys are totally in violation of WWE’s wellness policy.

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