E3 2010 First Impressions: Sniper (Xbox 360/PC)

With so many epic first person shooters trying to do everything and anything, it was refreshing to play through some of a near-complete build of Sniper for Xbox 360 (and PC).

Developers City Interactive out of Poland have taken one aspect of the FPS – the sniper – and built an entire game around it. The gameplay is almost purely stealth/sniper-based, with some levels containing a spotter who acts as an assistant.

There are a variety of gameplay mechanics centered around the sniper, including advanced options like factoring in how long the bullet takes to get to the target and factoring in movement. Easier modes make the targets glow, but even in this type of gameplay, any spotted movement and the game ramps up to near impossible difficulty. This isn’t a run and gun slugfest, it’s almost more of a strategy FPS than action-based.

Graphically it wasn’t striking, but had nice renderings of jungle and village terrain on the mythical island the game takes place. The locals are mostly jungle-based.

Sniper has passed the MIcrosoft QA process and is set to release to stores later in June. We should have a review up of the final game in the next month or so, but thusfar it seems to be an intriguing twist on the FPS genre.






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