E3 2010 First Impressions: Mortal Kombat 2011 in 3D (Sony PS3)

Walking into the South Hall at E3 2010, it’s difficult to miss the Mortal Kombat display in the Warner Brothers booth. To my horror, the line around the video monitor was not to play MK but rather F3AR. So it turns out that MK is not playable on the floor at E3. Sad Widro.

However, what was shown was what most Mortal Kombat fans would have requested – a series reboot with a graphical upgrade centered around the MK2 era of the series.

The graphics are pure 3D but the gameplay exists on a 2D plane, similar to what Capcom did with Street Fighter 4. There are a ton of brutal new fatalities, meant to bring the series back to a Mature rating after a taste of Teen with the DC crossover game.

The most amazing scene, however, was shown during the Sony Press Conference, where using 3D graphics, they showed a fatality- in 3D! The fatality was Kung Lao using his hat to slice Reptile in half from head to toe. The 3D effect made it even more outrageous, as Reptile’s split body oozed with green slime, presumably what he has in his veins rather than blood. Truly over the top and awesome at the same time in true MK style.

The game isn’t set to release until 2011, so more is likely to be revealed, although from early returns, it looks like a winner.





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