Nintendo Download Wrap-Up for May 24th, 2010

Here we are with another lovely batch of downloadables…except that the poor Virtual Console got left out in the cold again. Man, it can’t catch a break, can it? However, the other two services were busy enough to make up for it.

One name that might catch some people’s eyes this week on the WiiWare is NIS, as their latest title, Viral Survival, dropped today for 500 Wii Points/$5. Viral Survival involves controlling a DNA unit and assembling a tail by picked up other friendly DNA units while avoiding and fending off enemy viruses. Some of you might be thinking of Puchi Puchi Virus, which both Chris Bowen and Chuck Platt reviewed fairly positively. While both are quirky and prominently feature viruses as nemeses, Viral Survival is more action oriented. So they’re not exactly alike, but they are both varying levels of bizarre, and whether this is worth the points depends on your taste for the bizarre. Magic Monkey Mayhem goes for 800 Wii Points/$8 and is a free-for-all wherein monkeys stand on platforms and throw bananas and other projectiles at each other in an attempt to knock each other off. For extra fun (or not, depending on how you look at it), it uses the Balance Board. Art Style: light trax, which is part of the Art Style series, is priced at 600 Wii Points/$6 and consists of controlling a beam of light as it continually races forward (so now you really can race at the speed of light). In addition, there’s good news for those who bought the WiiWare version of Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney: you can now snag the fifth case for 100 Wii points/$1. Be aware that you do need to have a copy of the game to download the case.

As has been the trend for the past few weeks, the DSiWare gets four more games. Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper goes for 800 DSi Points/$8 and is a hidden object game based on of the titular infamous serial killer wherein you comb through crime scenes trying to find clues to uncover his identity. It plays much like Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir and the myriad of hidden object games you can find on the PC, such as both The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes games, both of which Mark B. reviewed. Metal Torrent costs 500 DSi Points/$5 and features the colorful projectile covered vertical scrolling shooter you know and love. You can upload scores on the WiFi leaderboard and watch videos of top ranked players going through the game if you want to crib any of their secrets. World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em also marked at 500 DSi Points/$5, and…well, the title is pretty self explanatory. Lastly, Advance Circuits is the cheapest offering this week at 200 DSi Points/$2 and entails putting down the right tracks to create a path for the train lest it crashes.

That’s everything for this week, and there’s a few that seem like they might be worth a look. Happy downloading, and come back next week for our take on the next group of Nintendo downloadables.



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