Goldhawk Studios announces “Xenonauts”

Angry at the recent decision to turn the revered XCOM franchise into an FPS? (remember XCOM Enforcer? Yeah that wasn’t good either)

Indie developers Goldhawk Studios have pushed up their announcement of their tribute to the XCOM series in an attempt to get exposure from the fallout of 2K Game’s new take on the beloved franchise:

Xenonauts is an upcoming PC strategy title inspired by the classic X-Com series of strategy games. It takes the timeless formula of the original games and reimagines and reinvents them for the modern age, providing a fresh Cold War setting, better graphics and increased usability alongside numerous other additions. You can look up all the details on this site (the ‘Game Features’ section), but for now we’ve simply coined the phrase ‘strategic planetary defence simulator’ to describe what we’re building.

The timing of this announcement is not entirely unintentional. For anyone who does not stay full abreast of the latest developments in the gaming world, Ken Levine’s 2K games has just announced an official sequel to X-Com that takes the form of a FPS. While I’m sure it’ll be a great game (Levine has a pretty good track record with FPS games!), large amounts of X-Com fans are understandably a little put out that the sequel will not be in the format that they know and love. We weren’t planning to release details about our game for another couple of months, until we had some trailers of the game in action to show off, but this seemed a great time for us to pop our heads up and say hello to the gaming world. Sadly this means you’ll all have to wait a little while for in-game footage, but rest assured it will be coming as soon as possible! In the meantime, feel free to share your opinions on the upcoming official sequel with us on our forums.

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