First Details of Warhammer 40k MMO released

According to Swedish MMO website , THQ are planning on announcing the features of the long awaited Warhammer 40k MMORPG in E3 this year and they just happened to get a leak of what these features are:

Playable factions:
– Empire
– Eldar
– Orcs
– Chaos

– Focus both on Melee and Long range Combat
– covering system
– 29 Zones (21 claimable, 8 invadeable)
– Open-World
– PvP around resource gathering and taking strategic points
– center zone features a conquerable stronghold
– No playable Tanks or other Warmachines at release but implemented possibility for expansion
– Tyranids as full fighting PvE-Faction
Lore (being discussed concerning certain faction-plots at the moment but here are the things we determined with Games Workshop so far):
– Game takes place in the southern border-sectors of Segmentum Tempestus
– Factions fight over a destroyed imperial forge world called Tarelis and its hive-city Cerberus X (newly added to the lore!)
– The story of the game will NOT take place in a parallel universe! Just like the Planet Kronus (made by our colleagues at relic) Tarelis will be part of the lore!
– Tyranids will be main-antagonists
– Unfortunately Vigil-games was not allowed to use Relics Gorgutz “ËœEad “ËœUnter as Ork Warlord as he will make a final appearance in the second DoW2 expansion

– 49.99$
Monthly fee:
– being discussed but most likely around 13$
– targeted Teen/PEGI 16

Only when E3 rolls around in June will we find out if these facts are true.







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  1. Alexandros Avatar

    no Tau and Necros?

    aw this sux :(
    i wanna play Tau >_<

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