Feature: A Look At Ps3hdmicable.com’s HDMI Cables

A month ago, I received a 6ft HDMI cable from Kayla Bartlett from Ps3hdmicable.com asking if I could review the quality of the company’s cables. I’ve now tested the cable on my PS3 with Netflix Streaming, Blu-Ray discs and my old HD DVD player.

The truth about HDMI cables is that they either work or they don’t. There is no cable that will be fuzzy or grainy. No HDMI cable is going to give you a better picture than another. HDMI is a digital standard. The cable carries a digital signal. Either it works or it doesn’t. It really is that cut and dry. Either you get a perfect picture or you don’t get any picture at all. Now, if the cable is poorly constructed, you might get an intermittent connection, but the idea that one HDMI cable will give you a richer or sharper picture is blatantly untrue and one that milks suckers left and right out of their money.

So here’s what you get with the PS3hdmicable.com merchandise:

“¢HDMI Male to HDMI Male
“¢28 Gauge
“¢340 Mhz 10.2 Gbps
“¢Gold Plated Connectors
“¢Triple Shielded
“¢Supports 1080p Blu Ray
“¢Supports 480p, 720p 1080i, 1080p, 1440p
“¢Supports Lossless DTS 8 Channel Audio

Now this is all fairly standard stuff for an HDMI cable. I’ve seen some where the gauge is 30 and some where the AWG is lower. The lower the gauge, the better, but at this is only a two meter cable, a 28 gauge is about what you want. The AWG or American wire gauge refers to the width of the cable and the current carrying capacity. In my case, since I own rabbits, it also means how easily they could chew through the functional part of the cord that delivers the digital signal. As I said, a 28 gauge is fairly standard for an HDMI cable, but I have seen thicker.

Everything else about the cord is fairly standard. It supports Blu-Ray 1080p quality, but as most high-def broadcasts and games are only in 1080i, this won’t come up very often for you. In fact, out of all my PS3 games, only five went up to 1080p resolution – Bakugan, Disgaea 3, Mortal Kombat Vs. DCU and my first two Singstar titles. Batman: Arkham Asylum doesn’t. Heavy Rain doesn’t. Afrika doesn’t. Street Fighter IV doesn’t. So on and so forth. Even then, there is so little (some would say there is no) noticeable visual difference between interlacing and progressive, that either 1080 picture quality will be appreciated. The fact this cord does both is simply icing on the case.

So what everything comes down to is the cost. For this particular HDMI cable over at http://www.ps3hdmicable.com, it costs $10.99 for this six foot model but you also get free shipping. Now I remember a few years ago when a cord of this size could cost $50 or more at someplace like Best Buy, which was just insane. Now, this price is about standard. Looking at Amazon.com’s HDMI cable list, we can see HDMI cables that are as low as $2.56 (with shipping) to well over $100. Amazon’s own branded cable with the same length is only $4.95 (with free shipping if you are an Amazon Prime member), has comparable stats, so if price is a factor, keep in mind you can get two of Amazon’s cables for the price of one and Amazon won’t charge you the 25% restocking fee http://www.ps3hdmicable.com does if you have to make a return for whatever reason.

Overall, the cords you get from Ps3hdmicable.com are well made and are in line with the price range you can find HDMI cables from Amazon.com. You do get free shipping no matter what from Ps3hdmicable.com, which is a nice perk, and you’re helping to support a small business, which I personally enjoy doing. You can find cords cheaper if you know where to look, but compared to prices I’ve seen at Best Buy, this is a pretty good deal.



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