Dark Void Zero To See PC and iPhone Release

Back in January, I briefly discussed the DSi game Dark Void Zero. It was a good platformer from the early ’90s that was developed for the Playchoice 10 arcade machines before those machines were discontinued. It didn’t seem right to me that the game was only available on the DSi, arguably the worst download system since the Intellivision’s.

That’s no longer the case. Via Capcom Unity, it’s been announced that Dark Void Zero will be released for the PC (via Steam) and the iPhone on April 12th. This blog was written on the 7th, so that put it five days later, and three days from now. While not exactly the best case of building excitement I’ve ever seen, this is great news for people that don’t have a DSi or refuse to buy their games.

The iPhone version will be $2.99, and the Steam version will be $5, the same price that the DSi version was. Furthermore, both versions will have achievements based on their platform; the iPhone uses OpenFeint, and Steam uses their own achievements. It should be noted that Dark Void Zero is an old-school platformer, so the iPhone version might not be optimal due to the fact that it doesn’t have a tactile response control scheme (meaning, actual buttons). Furthermore, the actual game itself used dual-screens for maximum effect; I’m not sure how that’s going to work on the iPhone’s tiny screen. Still, this is a worthy purchase on any platform.

The full press release is below:

Dust off those jetpacks and jump back into the fight! Dark Void™ Zero rockets to the iPhone and Windows PC on April 12th!

In this critically acclaimed 8-bit re-imagining of the Dark Void console release, you play as Rusty, warrior test-pilot and Nikola Tesla’s trusted friend. With the help of your state-of-the-art rocket pack, blast through three deliciously retro levels of baddies in your quest to close Portal X and save the human race!

Hit the jump for the full press release!

Dark Void Zero on iPhone and PC is packed with all new online features! Get rewarded for your skills with Achievements via OpenFeint on iPhone and Steam Achievements on PC. Connect with Friends and link your Facebook to your OpenFeint account. Compete to be the best on the block or the best in the world with the all-new Online Leaderboards that track scores and speed runs!

Sink deeper into the void with Dark Void Zero for the iPhone. Featuring carefully refined touchscreen controls, Dark Void Zero on iPhone gives players the tools for an amazingly precise and intuitive gameplay experience without the need for a controller.

Also, don’t forget that like its parent game, Dark Void Zero features an award-worthy soundtrack created and performed by famed Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary. It’s true retro.

Lastly, there’s something new for even veteran DVZ players. Think you’ve mastered the game? See if you can unlock the secret ending, exclusive to Dark Void Zero on iPhone and PC.

Don’t miss out! The fate of the human race rests in your hands! Rise on!







2 responses to “Dark Void Zero To See PC and iPhone Release”

  1. Link Zuckercorn Avatar
    Link Zuckercorn

    I have a DSi and Dark Void Zero. I would like to comment on some mistakes in this article. First off, the DSiWare download system is exactly like the Wii Shop Channel in the begining; at first, it was not the greatest, but then the Wii Shop Channel started to get really good. My point is, give it a year or two. The other thing I would like to state is that Dark Void Zero, while being a really great game, it was not made in the 90’s for any arcade or home console. It is an 8-bit reimagining (it says so right there in the press release) of the new Dark Void game for PS3 and XBox 360 (I’m rather dissapointed it’s not coming to the Wii).

    – Link Zuckercorn

  2. Christopher Bowen Avatar

    Actually, we’ve got conflicting reports on the second point. In Capcom’s trailer for the DSiWare version (findable on Nintendo’s site), they specifically state that Dark Void was originally developed for the Playchoice-10, to use the top screen interactively (those screens used to just have instructions, and ways to select other games).

    Here’s the trailer video in question: http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/m4eJazvyKX0MUzwmA8DP0uzoAJnNkyaX#videos

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