Xbox LIVE Wrap-Up for March 18th, 2010

We’re back again this week to update everyone on Xbox LIVE additions, searching around for this week’s new goods while catching up with some mentions of last week’s items. All of the categories are present once again as we see a re-vamped N64 classic hit Xbox LIVE, game add-ons to two of gaming’s most popular recent hits, more free demos, and more. If you have any Microsoft Points setting around collecting dust, perhaps there will be something popping up this week that will perk your interest.

Xbox LIVE Arcade – Perfect Dark
I know many people were more than disappointed with Perfect Dark Zero on the Xbox 360, seeing as the game can be picked up for about $5 used now. Even though I thought it was a decent game, sure, it didn’t hold a candle to the fun I had with Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. Thus, it should please most gamers to know Rare has prettied up the graphics and re-released its futuristic spy FPS Perfect Dark for 800 Microsoft Points. For those not around during its time or not hip to the N64 through its heyday, between 007 Goldeneye and Perfect Dark the Nintendo 64 had the definitive FPS console titles, making the $10 price tag a steal.

The title takes place in 2023 and sees Joanna Dark popping caps in baddies in a story-based campaign mode and, of course, deathmatches and co-op challenges await players locally or on Xbox LIVE. The Xbox LIVE version is sporting higher-definition graphics and a smoother framerate, which will hopefully make the game even better than gamers remember it.

In order to make up for last week’s absence, I would also like to point out Slick Entertainment released the title Scrap Metal. For 1,200 Microsoft Points, gamers will be able to download this top-down battle racer that features missions, bosses, unlockable and customizable vehicles, and Xbox LIVE multiplayer. You should be able to expect reviews of both of these Xbox LIVE Arcade titles in the near future.

Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week – Xbox Originals: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Max Payne 2 and Fable for 800 Microsoft Points Each
This week’s deal shoves three reasonably attractive Xbox games into players’ faces. These former Platinum Hit Xbox titles are now 800 Microsoft Points each if you need to catch up some previous generation gaming. If you are curious about GTA or Fable, feel free to hark back to 2004 for a Diehard GameFAN feature entitled The Tribunal, where three staff members each weigh in on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Fable.

Game Add-Ons – BioShock 2, Dragon Age: Origins
This week we have add-ons for two extremely popular titles. First up, BioShock 2 now features the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack for 400 Micrsoft Points. This expansion increases the multiplayer rank to 50, adds a third set of weapons upgrades, offers 20 new trials, two new multiplayer characters, and five new masks. If you are still curious about how BioShock 2 shaped up, be sure to check out Diehard GameFAN’s BioShock 2 review.

Offering a sizable amount of additional content to Dragon Age: Origins, the Awakening expansion is now available for 3,200 Microsoft Points. The expansion will allow players to re-spec attributes along with other ways to customize their party along with a raised level cap, new spells, abilities, specializations, items, and five all-new party members. Not only can players start from scratch, but they can also import their previous character from Origins as the story takes place following the events of the original title. If you’re wondering what Diehard GameFAN’s RPG of the year for 2009 is all about, you can read our review of Dragon Age: Origins.

Game Demos – Just Cause 2, MotoGP 09/10
Game demos are now out for Just Cause 2 and MotoGP 09/10. Download them and give them a play. You can always feel free to let us know what you think of upcoming games based on the demo by commenting below. Just Cause 2 is shaping up to be quite an explosive new entry into the series and you can view screenshots of Just Cause 2 right here on Diehard GameFAN. Moto GP 09/10 will add yet another entry into the high-caliber GP racing series and we’ll be sure to follow the title once it releases.

Games on Demand – Condemned: Criminal Origins
One of the 360’s earliest titles came back to haunt players by popping up on the Games on Demand service last week. The title weighs in at $19.99, which seems a little steep when it hovers around the $10 area as a used title. I’ve always heard mixed opinions about the title and only dabbled into it a little, but the “Silent Hill meets CSI“ approach to an FPS was always interesting in my mind. The Diehard GameFAN review of Condemned happened to fall on the side of players that did not like the title, but either way, I would recommend finding the title cheaper if you are looking to pick up some older titles.

If you live in Japan, however, you will notice Guilty Gear 2 Overture has been added to the Games on Demand service. If you are unfamiliar with this title, you can browse Diehard GameFAN’s review of the U.S. Guilty Gear 2 release.

Avatar Marketplace – Perfect Dark, Alan Wake
According to Major Nelson, we should be expecting some Perfect Dark and Alan Wake material later this week. Microsoft is really looking to promote its exclusives this week, I suppose.

Music Marketplace
With many music game titles receiving expansion content on a weekly basis, it may start to become hard to follow, especially with these updates usually covering up the entire line of recent updates on the Xbox dashboard. This week, new updates unfold for our usual lineup of titles:

Rock Band
Lady Gaga – “Bad Romance”
Lady Gaga – “Just Dance”
Lady Gaga – “Monster”
Lady Gaga – “Poker Face”
3 Doors Down – “It’s Not My Time”
Mute Math – “Control”
South Park – “Poker Face (Cartman version)”
The Subways – “Oh Yeah”
The Subways – “Rock & Roll Queen”

Guitar Hero
Flogging Molly Track Pack
“Requiem For a Dying Song”
“(No More) Paddy’s Lament”
“The Seven Deadly Sins”

Ne-Yo – “Sexy Love”
The Housemartins – “Happy Hour”
The Corrs – “Breathless”
*As a promotion for Lips: Number One Hits, there is now also a free downloadable medley.

That does it for this week, but we’ll be back next week to see what has become of the Game Room application and run down the list of additions.







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