Spectral Force Genesis to Release on DS March 12

Ignition will be publishing Idea Factory’s Spectral Force Genesis for the Nintendo DS, bringing the long-running series to Nintendo’s portable system on March 12.

Spectral Force Genesis puts players in control of a nation, who are tasked with uniting the kingdom of Neverland. However, the methods players use to accomplish this feat are up to them – players can be as diplomatic or tyrannical as they want. Players can choose their point of origin from 40 different countries, each having its own number of troops, unique characters, special attributes and economic condition. Each country has its own sequence of scenarios, allowing the player to have different experiences with various playthroughs and players can make the game easier or harder depending on the strength of the country of origin they choose. As players tackle the game, game details and character profiles are unlocked in a database, giving players an incentive to see everything offered in the title.

Players can rule how they see fit and attack or befriend a number of different nations when Spectral Force Genesis releases on March 12. Until then, check out Diehard GameFAN’s Spectral Force Genesis screenshot gallery, which contains four shots exclusive to our gallery.






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